The hero kill card that appears at the left side screen when dying used to show the icons of the units next to all the damage values they did.

Right now, the area is simply blank. Howevering over the area still shows the unit's name, but the icons don't appear anymore.

This is how it used to look (see Rubick's icon. Also, the skeleton is blank here because it has no icon at all)

This is how it looks now. This space for the icons is still there, but the icons are not.

PS: These units have no icon at all currently

Clinkz' Skeleton Archers
Broodmother's Spiderites
Witch Doctor's Death Ward
Wildwing's Tornado
Mud Golem's Shard Golem
Doom's Doom Shard
Wraith King's Skeletons
Zeus' Nimbus
Pugna's Nether Ward
Techies' Proximity Mines
Techies' Remote Mines
Kobold Soldier
Dire Fountain
Radiant Fountain