most of these are hero quests that have never worked, since they got added back in septermber 2019. also suggestion regarding bash quest

-naga - heal x amount of teammates with song after buying aghs, doesn't work at all
-tiny - deal x amount of damage to enemies buildings with tree grab, doesn't work at all
-drow - silence 2 or more ppl x times, doesn't work at all
-lifestealer - deal x amount of damage while rage. doesn't work with right-click damage. damage from any items works e.g mealstorm proccs, dagon etc
-mirana - arrow doesn't count towards "kill x times enemy creeps or neutrals with abilities"
-tinker - deal x amount of damage to enemy heroes with laser upgraded by aghs, doesn't work
-dark seer - deal x amount of damage to enemy heroes after using surge, doesn't work
-slardar - deal x amount of damage with bash of the deep, doesn't work at all
-tusk - hit an enemy hero with a kick and punchin quik seccssion x amount of times, doesn't work. also a note on quest that are worded like this, you have to do it in the order it's written. another expamle of this is sky combo. i dont
think spells should be needed to be used in same order. with the kick and punch, it makes very little sense to kick and then punch.

pike quest - deal x amount damage to enemy heroes with attacks after using pike. this quest is very inconsistent, it's hard to tell when it works or not. examples on stuff that seems to fuck up damage dealt while piking are:
piking then a-clicking on the ground, having orbs on the auto-cast like od or silencer, the range between you and the enemy hero. again it's really hard to tell why it sometimes counts or not.

ward quest - denying your own obs wards counts towards "deward 1/2/3 enemies wards" quest

bash quest - bashing heroes 16/24/36 times is just way too many times on heroes without build-in bashes like void or spirit breaker. when mars got added to the game, there was a change to the bash quest, but it only applied to him.
the numbers are something like 14/22/30. this is still way too high for a hero that needs to buy the basher. bashing 6/12/18 is way more likely while still being hard. it would be nice to have the general bash quest tone down.