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Thread: Nyx assassin raindrop spiked carapace bug?

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    Lightbulb Nyx assassin raindrop spiked carapace bug?


    I was wondering whether raindrop charge should be spent when I carapace and take no damage from a spell and reflect it back
    It happened to me during a game yesterday match ID 5406546015
    Is it a bug, or working as intended?


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    "Has the highest priority in the group of damage negating spells, blocking damage before any of them do."

    This is apparently intended, as Raindrops have the highest priority in terms of stacking multiple damage negating spells (such as Backtrack or False Promise), which means Raindrops should always pop, regardless of what negates the damage (afterwards).

    Kind of a questionable design, imo, but according to 'damage negation priority' it appears to be intended.
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