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Thread: Movement speed seems a bit off

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    I have been playing Dota 2 for quite a long time and i have noticed that the movement speed of the heroes seems a bit off. I always had moments in my games where i felt i that i should have reached my opponents based on the difference of the movement speed.

    The feeling was exactly the same as with Pudge's rot -he always managed to easily suicide using rot-, so i thought that maybe i am wrong.

    The following replay shows a game that happened today and was the perfect chance to explain my point.

    -Match: 5396142987
    -Minute: 0:29-0:41
    -Heroes: Shadow Shaman and Centaur

    In this replay you can see a Centaur with 300ms chasing me (playing SS) with 285ms and he never managed to reach me! I have a strange feeling that this has happened many times before in my pubs.

    Is that some kind of a bug? Or maybe i am missing something about how movement speed is calculated?

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    I can confirm that, the MS displayed is totally wrong. This has been forever. Sometimes with 50 ms difference.

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