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Thread: Classic Ranked vs Role Ranked

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    Classic Ranked vs Role Ranked

    I have been facing this matchmaking issue from couple of days.
    I am searching "CLASSIC RANKED" game and i am getting my whole team without role, but enemy team is having their "ROLE RAKNED" alloted to them.
    This is practically a bias/partial benefit to "Role" team.

    As we know in classic, there can be 5 carry, but in role ranked, players not following roles can be reported for it so they most probably follow the roles.

    This is giving bias advantage to "Role Ranked" team against "Classic Ranked" team.
    It should be Strict Classic Ranked vs Classic Ranked or Ranked Role vs Ranked Role.

    This seems like idiotic matchmaking by developers who are DUMBFUCK CANCERS and still AMETEUR who don't know what happens when playing games.

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    not in my experience. With ranked classic i can choose any role i want and people dont play a position unless theyre good at it unlike ranked roles where u have a pos 5 main playing mid and getting dumpstered then losing the lane and the game. I can play pos 1 to 5 effortlessly and its part of the fun figuring out which role i should be in any given game. Can win a game with pos 5 just as easy as pos 1.

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