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Thread: Please let us preview unobtainable itens in demo mode

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    Lightbulb Please let us preview unobtainable itens in demo mode

    I can see why valve would choose to prevent players from seeing untradeable itens on their hero tab. It could cause frustration of seeing an item you can't obtain, making you think "Why is this even here?!".

    That being said, I'd love to be able to check some of the most iconical skins on demo mode, such as io arcana, invoker's persona, etc. It would help people see what they can expect from today's valve art team standards, since most of the latest arcanas were made untradeable and obtainable only by battlepasses. At least, it would serve as an incentive for them to chase new arcanas on upcoming battlepasses.

    Honestly, it is a bummer being unable to preview such amazing sets, even if I can't buy them anywhere, even if just for the sake of curiosity. This should be an option, since the necessary graphics are already installed within our game files. Let us at least demo them, please!


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    try search "cheats" on wiki.

    something like "-item item_horizon".

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