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Thread: Can't easily form parties in the guild? Description too short.

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    Can't easily form parties in the guild? Description too short.

    There doesn't seem to be any just like "Guild Panel, Guild is looking for group" type of thing in game? Have to coordinate through chat, then find someone in the list, and right click them to party up. Very annoying, please fix quickly. Like on top of the friends tab should be a guild tab

    Also the description box for guilds is bugged and only appears as 1 long sentence when it's being edited.

    Also it's way too short for all of the info I want to put in it.

    In steam's chat for the guild why can't I create a channel where only certain ranks can post in it? that way I can have more info and announcements in there as well.

    And why a cap of 50? seems a bit small.

    Can there also be a "Playtime" tag that only the guild master can see, for how much playtime someone has since joining the guild by day or week? that way it's easier to kick inactive members.

    And why can people still invite me to their guilds if I'm already in another guild? Hoping I don't accidentally click it and lose my GM status or something stupid.

    Why can't we change invite permissions? Also Seriously up the limit to 100
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