Create a 30 minute mini-game competing each other in a dota basic mechanics, broken into smaller bits.

- Last Hitting: Whomever can last hit more than each other in mid lane. 5(1 v 1)
- Lane Blocking: Objective is to control/manipulate the lane flow without being able to attack. Main objective is to damage the other team's tower simply by perfecting the art of blocking to win the lane advantage. Each team has 10 hp, can only receive 1 damage per hit.
- Dota Chess versus mode: every player is matched against each other in a 1 v 1, by only able to last hit and block the lane creeps. To protect the tower the longest. 5(1 v 1).
- Roshan Fight: Everyone is teamed up in group of 5, trying to kill roshan first. To promote hero pick strats.
- 1 v 1 Mid: Mid Only, 1 v 1 match.