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Thread: [bug?] Do Consumable Portals Work In Custom Lobbies?

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    [bug?] Do Consumable Portals Work In Custom Lobbies?

    Bought the TI10 Battle Pass. Have played a few games in custom lobbies since then, just me and bots. During those games, I've tried out some of the consumables: the disco ball, soccer kick, and the portals. The portals _seem_ to work - one portal gave me 1000 Battle Points, two others granted me Rylai's Battle Blessing spins, and so forth - but those items never appeared once the game was over.

    So I'm wondering what's supposed to be happening here. If the portals are supposed to actually work in custom lobbies, why aren't the items won appearing in inventory? If the portals _aren't_ supposed to work in custom lobbies, why can I activate them there and use them up?

    Let me know. I'm all curious.

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    In lobbies they work in demo mode. I tried them too.

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