After using Boulder Smash Earth Spirit becomes unable to Boulder Smash a target for a random duration and instead acts as if im ground targeting the smash somewhere other than my target.

Repro Steps:
im unable to reproduce this.

This happens randomly, i dont have a clue what causes it. usually after doing a combo my hero will no longer boulder smash my target. No matter what i try to click my hero acts like im ground targeting and starts autoattacking random units.

today the specific example was me getting a double kill bot lane. i used my combo on a kotl / bristle. after the 2 heros were dead i tried to farm 2 creeps together by smashing them but my hero would just keep repeat autoattacking and wouldnt Smash.
It happens in (Match ID: 5439616633) at 9:06 .. i try to smash again at 9:13 and am still unable to do it. and at 9:27 i am finally able to use Boulder Smash on my target

Expected Result:
My boulder smash would work on my target.

ps: The computer im using is a few weeks old but this has happened on my previous computer aswell. its been going on for over a year. it happens maybe one in ten games.
Sorry if this isnt an actual bug and im doing something wrong. ive checked the lists of bugs and dont see it there so hopefully its not a repeat.