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Thread: Can not connect to a match, can't reconnect and got ban, gg OP SERVERS

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    Angry Can not connect to a match, can't reconnect and got ban, gg OP SERVERS

    for almost 2 hours I wasn't able to connect to any found match, I've verified from a bunch of my friends they also faced the same issue. this issue is intermittent, and kind of dormant i guess but definitely came after this SHIT battle pass update. We weren't even able to watch any match let alone start or join any match. Whats wrong with you valve? In every match almost 2-3 crashes for my different friends. Didn't you guys performed any QA?

    NOW I HAVE 3 hours ban, first 1 got 5 mints ban and then directly SHITTING 3 HOURS BAN? REMOVE MY BAN YOU VALVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS I have re installed the game, re installed the steam still same.

    LAST BANED MATCH ID: 5444609792, remove my ban please. this is making me reconsider using DOTA and I'll quit for real this time, dota got to shit.

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    I don't know when they are going to fix this. It's so frustrating. I'm in continuous LP since the Battle Pass came out. I search game it gets disconnected and then *BAM* can't connect, can't reconnect. They are not fixing this issue for so long. I'm scared of searching, once DC - it will throw me in LP for sure. My dota ID : 202068245 and game id for which i got ban 5445008286

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