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Thread: Dota is officially a game Pay to Win game

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    Dota is officially a game Pay to Win game

    If you have an level 100+ in compendium, just play Ranked Classic and you will get enemies from Ranked Roles with a f***ed lineup like Drow last pick as Offlane going safelane to feed, BS going Offlane not farming and playing as roaming, Legion bot to ensure you win and a Pudge who gonna leave to give you more gold.
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    sounds silly because most often people who have spent a lot on the cosmetics tend to play the worst. Same goes with high compendium levels. Even if they get preferential matchmaking which doesnt make sense because the enemy would have to be even worse at the game than high spenders. It is though in valves best interest to keep them happy so they might get slightly better matches. If i was in charge id do it.

    But your mmr range is so low that it doesnt matter what happens in the game its mostly pure chaos and terrible plays with a lot of choking and not knowing what to do at any given time. Thats why metas are shaped by pro scene and pro players and not the bottom 90% of entire playerbase. So just play, dont flame and be happy. Try to improve. Instead of playing a hero go to watch tab and watch a game of a good player playing your favorite hero. Then try to emulate. Come up with reasons why the player is doing an x thing. Then review the match again in replay. You could jump 1000-2000 mmr with that alone. its hard to improve when youre playing in low tier where most everything everyone else is doing is wrong.
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