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Thread: Guild Contract Bug (Interrupt 3 enemy heroes during a channeled spell)

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    Unhappy Guild Contract Bug (Interrupt 3 enemy heroes during a channeled spell)

    I have been playing this "Interrupt 3 times during a channeled spell" contract for the whole day and I know I really did more than 3 times in many games, but the contract is never completed. I have tried in normal matchmaking mode. I have tried in turbo mode. Tried silencing shaman's shackles, stunning witch doctor's ulti. I have even downloaded the replays and made sure I did the right thing. Here is the match ID for my latest/recent match. ID: 5450739696. In this match, I was playing as Zeus and you can see I have interrupted Witch Doctor's ulti 4 times at the timestamps of 12:12, 15:51, 20:09, and 24:03. (Not to mention interrupting enemies' outpost channeling spell because I'm not sure it counts)
    I tried to complete this contract the whole day, consuming a lot of my energy but I do not get anything in return because of this bug. I would be very grateful if the dota 2 team appreciate my effort to report the bug, and add the associated reward of that contract (250 GP, 250 BP) to my battle pass.

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    I felt the same way yesterday, all day trying to do the contract I won at least 2 matches in which I interrupted channeled spells, but no reward.

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    I have had the same challenges with the contract "Interrupt # enemy heroes during a channeled spell." I figure it should be pretty straight forward. "channeled spell". I have selected the contract multiple times and tried it against multiple channels, however only completed it once against Crystal Maiden. Pretty frustrating when it relies so heavily on the other team picking heroes with channels.

    Interrupts that have been counted: Sand King Epicenter (during channel) and Crystal Maiden Freezing Field [also counts if Rubick has Freezing Field].

    Interrupts that have not been counted for me: Lion Mana Drain [DotaPlus hero challenge for Zeus recognizes it as interrupting a channeled spell], Pugna Life Drain, Enigma Black Hole.

    If I decide to gamble with selecting it again, I will report any new findings. It is easier to tell with the more recently added completion information in game.

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