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Thread: Guild Contract Bug (Interrupt 3 enemy heroes during a channeled spell)

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    Unhappy Guild Contract Bug (Interrupt 3 enemy heroes during a channeled spell)

    I have been playing this "Interrupt 3 times during a channeled spell" contract for the whole day and I know I really did more than 3 times in many games, but the contract is never completed. I have tried in normal matchmaking mode. I have tried in turbo mode. Tried silencing shaman's shackles, stunning witch doctor's ulti. I have even downloaded the replays and made sure I did the right thing. Here is the match ID for my latest/recent match. ID: 5450739696. In this match, I was playing as Zeus and you can see I have interrupted Witch Doctor's ulti 4 times at the timestamps of 12:12, 15:51, 20:09, and 24:03. (Not to mention interrupting enemies' outpost channeling spell because I'm not sure it counts)
    I tried to complete this contract the whole day, consuming a lot of my energy but I do not get anything in return because of this bug. I would be very grateful if the dota 2 team appreciate my effort to report the bug, and add the associated reward of that contract (250 GP, 250 BP) to my battle pass.

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    I felt the same way yesterday, all day trying to do the contract I won at least 2 matches in which I interrupted channeled spells, but no reward.

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