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Thread: check replay report system with comunity help.

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    check replay report system with comunity help.

    My proposition is the possibility to verify replays by the own dota 2 community.

    People would ask to be volunteers and them they would check the replays that where reported.

    This simple system would really work.

    > what if the volunteers miss check the replay?

    1) Them the player could ask a second volunteers the check again and if he is guilty again he gets more bam time. this could be improved.
    2) Severe faults like rage in ranked would imply in severe bam. like 1 years bam.
    3) Smurf accounts get really severe bam.
    4) Reports due flaming and others communications issues only get the player muted and small bam.
    5) Also with time we could see volunteers is not doing the thing right and exonerate him.
    6) The volunteers that do the thing good would rank up and be a volunteers level 2. ( This way this thing can really work and make dota2 a better game).
    7) New accounts cannot be a volunteer.

    > there are millions of reports every day.

    1) Not all reports must be checked. If a player is reported many times for the same thing just one reaply would get him.
    2) player that report right would get a rank. And when he report a volunteer would see the replay first.

    3) If the player false report he could get a small bam and his reports would not be checked for a time like 4 months or a year. Also he could be banned for 1 day or something like that.

    This is in particular is very good because people report for thigs that are not anty game.

    My example:

    So in the print I was WK and I did a a pusher strategy. My team reported me and now I'am in LP. In the other game they reported me because I made midas for Sven.
    Well most players would say that hand midas is not good for Sven. But doing this is a anty game? Valve should really make this clear because I play dota 2 since 2014 and still today I can't see that making what I think that will work as a anty game behavior behavior.
    I had many cases like that where I did the strategy that I knew that would be good and the team reported me for that. Now I'am muted!!!
    In others games they want to dive in tower and if you don't go with them they die alone and report you!

    I'am 100% sure that is not my fault. I did not killed the courier. I did not gone afk. I was playing for win.

    This is not just about me many people had this problem too. I saw in the steam forums.

    I believe that this system would make the games more playable. This system someway work is Hon but in Hon the ban is not severe so people don't fear much being banned.

    But in dota 2. Since we have account levels people would respect the rules if the replay would be see by others.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Community is toxic itself. And i dont trust the games numbers that 90% something of people are well behaved. Its closer to 80 or 70% at most. While the rest still flames occasionally. The conundrum is that you also cant give the power to judge for the most behaved players as they are the most passive and terrible players without a clue if theres little context. A decent player with 1-2 minute snippet will be able to tell if the player was in the wrong or not. The easiest reviews will of course be chat related flaming/bm talk with 99% accuracy.
    So the only way is to let the entire community vote whether a someone misbehaved or not. During queue time with some reward that would make it worth doing. Needing for example 100-200 reviews at least then weight in the votes. Requiring majority to pass. For extra insurance some players could also review the reviewer accuracy rate. If someone reviews a replay snippet and decides randomly and drops their accuracy rate below 30%, their review would carry less weight. Something like 75% accuracy rate would be good enough to trust if weighted together with a few hundred other reviews.

    For rewards they can replace the ranked roles all role queue with fast queue games if they review a replay. With millions of players and giving each player 10(or however many to keep up with global reports) review quota per week that last on average a minute or two each it would work wonders. Would be done during queue time as it lasts 2-10 minutes anyway. if a game starts during it can be finished after or reviewed multiple times.
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