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Thread: Upcoming patch schedule

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    When will discount bundles come out im really dying to get up to wr. Hope i can buy more than 2 otherwise its too expensive.

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    So with the help of Valve, did 'the heroes of the storm' team in Valve finally decode IceFrog's password ???

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    Icefrog, if you're reading this, *please* do not take notice of these ignorant rude commenters that are so utterly disrespectful to you. There are literally millions of us who are so grateful and happy with what you've accomplished with this amazing game. It's so great to see you communicating with us, even if its only every once in a while, please don't be discouraged by these few bad apples. Really looking forward to 7.27 as I'm sure you've already locked in a bunch of plans to adjust the power level of Necromonicon and Lycan etc.

    Hope you've been keeping safe and well during the pandemic and best wishes for developing the patch.

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    Thanks for letting us know and continuing to work on Dota during lockdown!! Looking forward to the item changes

    (As others have said, please ignore the trolls).

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    Hi IceFrog,

    Good to know when the patch is planned, I do hope you'll get rid of outposts. The channeling to get an outpost and outpost chase at 10/15/20/25 minutes is not dota.
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    Good to see Icefrog back in full force. I trust whatever changes you make will work out in the future. If things will be corrected, they will take time to iron out. Thank you for communicating with us again and making use of the forums again, it's a good sign in dark times.

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    Thanks for the update and all the hard work, Looking forward for what you have in store for us!

    This site brings back memories though.

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    Thank you for updating

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    Thanks for the update ! Hope it will make some epic games !

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    Thanks for the update IceFrog. Nice to see you communicating again with this community.

    Gameplay and balance changes are always awesome and welcomed. They are the reason why this game is still great after decades.
    I've enjoyed all the additions to the game in the last years (outposts, shrines, talents, neutral items...)

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in this game.

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