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Thread: Creep "smarter" over time

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    Creep "smarter" over time

    I just think about it. How about that:
    - At 10 min mark: Creep will chase you until dead (you or creep) or lose vision if you try to agro by attacking enemy hero
    - At 30 min mark: creep will focus on taking down building. Something like if enemy building is in-range, it will priority to attack it instead of hitting enemy heroes/creeps. Also maybe it will ignore enemy heroes like currently first wave.
    - At 40 min mark: creep will move smarter with vision. For example it still intercept enemy creep but if it see enemy heroes within vision, it will scatter out to avoid him/her to survive and continue pushing. Later maybe they can have some simple strategy like re-group, change to the lane that's deeper, reinforce the lane that need help of more creep. Maybe an introduce to commander-type creep that will led creeps have those behavior, kill it and every creep back to normal.
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