The neutral creeps Satyr tormenter/Dark troll summoner don't have the same priority as other neutrals in groups selection.

1. Create necronomicon units.
2. Bind archer to ctrl + 2
3. Dominate a neutral creep
4. Click the creep and use shift + 2 to add it to control group
5. Click necro warrior and use shift + 2 to add it to control group

If the dominated creep is a Satyr tormenter or a Dark troll summoner, you can cycle through the group in the following order:

Archer -> Necro Warrior -> Satyr tormenter /Dark troll summoner

In the selection group, the Satyr tormenter /Dark troll summoner appears before the archer, and you have to cycle through all other units in the group first

=> This is not the expected outcome.

If it is any other neutral creep, you can cycle through it in the expected order:

Archer -> Dominated Creep -> Necro Warrior

In the selection group, the Dominated Creep appears right after the archer.

=> This is the expected outcome