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Thread: forever ban problem

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    forever ban problem

    hi , i dont know where should i post that thread , but i hope i can get answers here.
    My account was banned like 4 month ago for some mmr abuse , i get 2038 ban and vac.
    Im agree , that was my bad , but i think ban forever is too hard for punishment , Everyone deserve second chance , i agree with ban , but its could be like 6motnh or 1 year but not forever . Lol i even remember when EG.Cr1t got banned and he just post it on twitter and he get unban , you can search it easy on google , so if i have 1 mistrake why i cant get 2 chance? anyway if i will abuse in future i can get ban , but if i will stay good player after
    rehabilitation I CANT even play normal games

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