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Thread: You shouldn't lose -500 behavscore for a single power outage!

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    You shouldn't lose -500 behavscore for a single power outage!

    It takes two disconnects in 25 games to get Low Priority, which I assume is to consider for the occasional 1 abandon emergency or power outage. But for some reason, each time you abandon a game, it subtracts -500 behavior score from your conduct.

    I think this is flawed especially for a player trying to raise their behavior score because the odds of people pausing when it takes 7 minutes for my router to come back online is absolute 0. It also takes 20 games to gain 500 behavior score, where as this happens once a month and I only play about 20 games each month.

    I was also slapped a 20 minute queue penalty, which isn't much, but all this for something out of my control. And to remind you, not frequent enough to warrant Low Priority penalty for people who rage quit games over the grace given 1 free abandon every 25 games.

    Honestly I've tried the dev with no avail, and I'm sick of seeing my behavior score go up gradually each conduct only to plummet from what has happened twice now in the last two months.

    EDIT: To clarify, this is a city POWER OUTAGE, not internet outage, and I am only asking for the removal of -500 behavior score on the first abandon (aka the emergency grace abandon). I only abandon once a month from a power outage, where as rage quitters will abandon many games and deserve the -500 conduct score each time afterwards.

    EDIT 2: To add on, you have already indicated the grace abandon on your behalf as OK (other than -behav score) even though it ruins the game for 9 others (one game ruined every 20 games) which every person on the planet at some point will ruin games due to power outages. If anything, enable a single Low Priority game instead of -500 because you cant be reported in LP and I would much rather do that then go no where when I'm being a responsible player. Its hypocritical otherwise and not worth playing the game.
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