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Thread: Some suggestions(complains) about 7.27

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    Some suggestions(complains) about 7.27

    Why removed Prowler Camp? Because of the HP regen aura?
    We are still expecting the Stalker Camp, but now the Prowlers are gone...

    Bracer +0.75 HP regen is too low. While Ring of Regen:Sage's Mask = 1.5:0.6, and Ring of Health:Void Stone = 6.5:2.25.
    Shouldn't Bracer offers 【+1.5 HP regen】, while Null Talisman offers +0.6 MP regen?
    +3atk : +5atkspd is fine, for Gloves of Haste:Blades of Attack = 20:9, and Blitz Kuckles:Broadsword = 35:15 .

    Heart of Tarrasque passively provides 1% HP regen is too low. It should be about 2% (calculated +50% HP regen amplification) in combat, and be about 4%~5% while out of combat. (gain +100% or more HP regen amplification while out of combat)
    So maybe 【1.5% HP regen & 50% HP regen amplification】 in combat (actually = 2.25% HP regen), and 【1.5% HP regen & 200% HP regen amplification】 while out of combat (actually = 4.5% HP regen) would be fine.

    Summarize the aboves, I hope you will not make any too strange changes on the up coming heroes change. (You lowered so many HP regen.)
    The Radient ancient camp position should switch with the large camp. For dire ancient camp is near the secret shop and the large camp is their base.
    Farming ability of Necronomicon is nerfed, why still nerf the MP regen? Should set the mana cost and the strength back.
    Voodoo Mask, a cheap spell lifesteal is not necessary, is unnecessary, honestly.
    It breaks the recipe of the Octarine Core(the epic recipe), how will you re-add that in? (unless Mystic Staff + Soul Booster is not your idea, then we'll not care about it.)
    If you love the spell lifesteal, how about use it in Vladmir's offering?
    New Silver Edge recipe require Echo Sabre. Many ranged heroes always build Silver Edge, but Echo Sabre is useless for them.
    So how about let ranged heros can trigger Echo Strike when they attack target within 250 or 350 range? (MonkeyKing can attack range 300, Tiny with Tree Grab can attack 350 range)

    Besides, think about let Dragon Lance extend melee heroes' attack range by 50. ( not stack with Broom Handle.)
    And then, melee Hurricane Thrust push caster & target closer, +50 attack speed for 3 attacks to the caster. Cast range still be 400 and push 450 range, so after the push, their position switched. If a ranged target use its Hurricane Pike too late in this situation, it may push itself in enemys' group. (but if quick enought, the push away can override the push closer, then the ranged hero will be safe.)
    The Abyssal Blade cast range is still needs nerf, 300 or 350 would be fine.
    Too many heroes build it, this item contains too much offensive, defensive and utility. So I wish the "Melee Hurricane Pike" instead it.(utility, but less offensive and a little defensive. )
    20% passive of Blade Mail maybe a little high. How about 15% passive and 85% active?
    Dagon is still terrible. Build a lv5 Dagon may cause the team lose even in turbo mode.
    Reduce the mana cost and CD please.
    I'm even want you reduce the price of recipe and increase the attributes. (recipe 1150, +6/10/14/18/22 all attibutes)
    A new item idea:
    Aether Frame (whatever. or anyother name you like.)
    +1.75MP regen
    Price 650
    (correspond to Ring of Tarrasque)

    use to build Aether Lens(instead recipe), Eul's Scepter of Divinity(instead recipe) and Holy Locket(instead Energy Booster and remove recipe, Holy Locket is too expencive, but only fit a few heroes.).
    The utilization of Drum of Endurance is bad in public match game (very fine in pro team), and there is lack a minor attack speed aura.
    So how about use Gloves of Haste instead the recipe? Then offers a +15 attack speed aura.
    And when Drum of Endurance has no charge, it will auto recharge 1 charge in 70 seconds. Will not auto recharge if it has any charges.
    Something about Sange, Yasha and Kaya:
    Lifesteal & Spell Lifesteal Amplification is not necessary, however they are not as useful as attack speed & movement speed on Yasha.
    And combine any 2 of them are not typical. So how about:
    +16% attack damage
    +*% HP regen & Lifesteal Amplification

    additionaly +*% Status Resistance (mighty&swift, so recover quicker)

    additionaly +*% magical attack damage (like Javelin&MKB proc, Mind Breaker)(mighty magical attack! but not offer attack speed, so avoid some heroes overpower, like Silencer ,OD, WR, ect.)

    additionaly 16% Cooldown Reduction (reduce cast point is not useful to some heroes.)(rapid.cast.)

    Heaven's Halberd no longer offers Status Resistance, use +*% attack damage instead.

    Satanic no longer offers Status Resistance, use +100% magic resistance when active instead.

    Shiva's Guard offers *% mana loss reduction. (Defensive!)

    Vladmir's no longer offers *% attack damage, use Voodoo Mask instead Blades of Attack & recipe. Increase Veil of Discord's MP regen aura a little, lower than Vladmir's is strange. (and how about change its active to +15% damage from spell, and lower enemys' damage from spell by 10%?)

    Octarine Core still use the old recipe. (unless Mystic Staff + Soul Booster is not your idea, again
    Sigh, typed so many with my poor English... I hope there is no trouble to you to understand it.. /facepalm
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