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Thread: [Ember Spirit] Flame Guard is dispelled whenever taking damage

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    [Ember Spirit] Flame Guard is dispelled whenever taking damage

    If Ember Spirit has token damage less than but also equal to Flame Guard Magical Damage Absorbed with ceiling, Flame Guard is dispelled upon the next damage instance.

    1. Pick Queen of Pain with 2 Null Talisman and learn Scream Of Pain level 1.
    2. Pick Ember Spirit and learn Flame Guard level 1.
    3. Cast Flame Guard.
    4. Cast Scream Of Pain. The damage amount should be 75*106%=79.5.
    5. Check Flame Guard.
    6. Attack Ember Spirit with right-click.
    7. Check Flame Guard again.

    Flame Guard wasn't dispelled after taking 79.5 damage. But after the normal attack, it is dispelled.

    Flame Guard should be dispelled only upon the damage token amount reaches its health.

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    not only attack dmg, but also physical dmg or pure dmg

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