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Thread: Smart double tap bug

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    Smart double tap bug

    I recently started playing dota again and noticed that the Smart double tap option doesn't work for me anymore.
    I currently have all my abilities bound to quick cast on Q,W,E,R (D,F) buttons.
    It should be noted that items work fine, but none of the spells seem to work. These bindings used to work, now they don't.
    Can we get this fixed please?

    1. Bind hero abilties to Q,W,E,R under the tab QUICKCAST
    2. Make sure the Double Tap Ability to Self Cast option is checked
    3. Make sure the Smart Double Tap option is checked
    4. Select a hero and enter the game/demo mode
    5. Try to cast any spell that can be self cast by double tapping

    Since you are using quickcast, spells can't be double tapped. So you have to use the Smart Double Tap option,
    which is to hold down the Alt button and press the ability hotkey to be able to cast it on yourself.
    Notice that nothing happens.

    EDIT: Okay, so apparently this bug is only present on some abilities. I've noticed that bloodseekers bloodrage spell works fine.
    However I also noticed that abaddons shield spell doesn't work, also snapfires cookie spell doesn't work either.
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