Right click to force attack (in setting) make hero stop when click on alies units. When this options disabled and you press on alies units then your hero move close to alies units (hero or creeps or summon units) and always following this units. But wen this option is enabled then your hero always stop move when you press on alies units, but he must come close to them.
Can you change it? For example when this function enabled and i press on alies units then my hero come close to alies units and always follow them like it working when this fucntion disabled.
Now its working like hero come to alies units on attack range and stop following them. It was something like when it was enabled long time ago and when i kill roshan and trying to take aegis with right click and my hero deny aegis.
Its ruining creeps block sometimes when in fight you press on alies heroes and missclick on enemy when he running away then your hero just stop instead of follow them.