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Thread: Concerned about new direction with AM persona Wei. What happened?

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    Concerned about new direction with AM persona Wei. What happened?

    WK and QOP are amazing, as advertised, bigger and better than anything before. Fixed Arcana icons compatibility, Bonus Arcana items for a full Arcana Set! love it!

    I wonder what happened with this AM persona? It seems like a downgrade from last years.

    Original concept art looked great. Voice is great, but appearance changed with the final. Face, neck, shoulders, color, no custom icons. Why it got changed so much? I need a compelling skin to bring the 900 voice lines to life and make me interested, which this persona visually, sadly falls short of the voice.

    This is my observation of the change from original concept to the released persona. I feel these observations are obvious, but I'll say them anyway.
    #1 Original concept art. Thin neck, small shoulder, small chin, wrap over shoulder, upturned eye's, long neck to wear collar. Long wavy elegant hair. Soft skin complexion.
    #2 Released persona. Steroids user?, thick neck, large shoulder/neck muscle, large chin, wrap covering neck, flat eye's, neck too short can't have collar, spikey messy hair, hard skin complexion.

    This shows how some simple touches can make it more like advertised.

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    I created a thread regarding this as well: The feedback from community is mixed (towards negative) and I just don't understand why devs are not doing anything about it.

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