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Thread: [SUGGESTION] In-game and (possibly) chat room auto-translate

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    [SUGGESTION] In-game and (possibly) chat room auto-translate

    Not sure if this should be under 'Misc', but this seemed more appropriate.

    After some threads where a lot of the problems being discussed had to do with language/communication barriers it occurred to me that maybe a clever feature would be:

    Automatic translation across languages in team/game chat

    For instance if I chose English as my primary language and someone chose French their chat would automatically be translated into English for me and visa-versa.


    • Better communication between players across communities.
    • Hopefully the end of certain threads in the feedback forums.
    • Better quality of public games in general.


    • It may introduce 'chat lag' while the request travels to Google Translate or whatever (shouldn't be a problem for friends as they should generally be using the same language and therefore wouldn't incur this cost). This could be mitigated further by displaying the chat in the original language before it gets translated (and then replacing it in-line).
    • Valve would either need to write a translator or pay for one (which they may not be willing to do); in addition to the extra bandwidth to make the requests.
    • Translators often don't deal with jargon of any kind too well. It would be especially stupid with terms like "top", "ss", "bot", "gank" which are core to DOTA. This could be averted by other suggestions involving map pings.

    This could be implemented for chat rooms, but I assume those are generally a specific language anyway (and are much higher volume making con 2 more of an issue).

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    Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated of automated translations are dodgy at best. This is a service that allows you to see the things lost in translation by translating back and forth between 2 languages any number of times. It helps to illustrate my point.

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