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Thread: Need a russian server

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    Need a russian server

    While I appreciate this is a beta, the level of play is shocking. It is absolutely shocking. This is largely due to Russians as well who speak no english and deliberately troll people by picking carries or picking peoples indicated characters not cos they are bad and dont understand but cos they want to annoy people. Not only that but it seems as if 50% of the dota community is russian. Therefore please give them russian servers ASAP so they can stop ruining our games and go back to just infighting with each other. Even if they are not trolls which is rare (making me wonder what it must be like to actually visit russia in person) they still speak 0 english and on a game like dota which is team based that simply does not work.

    This beta is 100% ruined by the fact that everygame ends up 20-1 after 10 minutes. sometimes its my team sometimes the other but the level of play is sooooo low that it seems almost impossible to get an even balanced game. 5 carries on each team and then it boils down to who has less idiots with them. I know it is hard to counter this but please it is so necessary. This game cannot continue. I personally am either switching to US servers despite the lag to see if that is any better or just going back to hon where my rating is high enough to not have to deal with russians/idiots (although they normally are one and the same).

    While this may sound like rage I assure you I am very calm right now. From a testing standpoint it is impossible to test this game and especially hero balance when the game is not being played as it is intended. Heroes which are strong mids are losing due to the fact they have no ward or no bottles cos the guy who picked Lich is going hard carry! please fix the noob problem. At the very least make the rating system work and give us points for not feeding and farming well. that way even if we lose if we are 10-5 we will still not lose rating whereas the russian who has 0-10-0 will and therefore will be removed from my life.

    ty. gg

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    We aren't really here to test hero balance anyway, as heroes should be the same as they were in DotA.

    Anyway, splitting EU into West and East/Russian region is a banned discussion according to the Common Discussions sticky.


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