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    Exclamation SLI Problem

    SLI-2xNvidia 8800GT 512MB, Latest Drivers.

    I played the game with only the one card in full graphs and it was fine but i had 30-40 fps (fine+playable).
    Then i put the second card, enabled sli and when i started the game the sound was weird the image started to flicker and the colors where corrupted(totaly unplayable). I 'm having this only when the sli is enabled and only whith Dota 2.
    I ve checked with Counter Strike:Source, Team Fortress2, Borderlands, DotA, HoN,LoL and everything was fine.
    Today i tryed to play again Dota2 with SLI enabled and all sudden it was fine. I even had 60FPS.
    And as sudden it came that sudden it left. Now i have the same problem again.I didnt changed any settings or something.Dont know what other info to provide.Any thoughts about the reason why is this happening?

    Quick OverView.
    1xVGA -> 30-40 FPS , No Problems. Playable.
    2xVGA SLI-Enabled -> Weird sound,Image flicker and discolored. Unplayable. (Problem only with Dota 2)
    2xVGA SLI-Disabled->30-40FPS Playable,No problems. Playable.
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