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Thread: [Shadow Fiend] Ulti resulted in red sprites

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    [Shadow Fiend] Ulti resulted in red sprites

    We were at top lane when an enemy shadow fiend ganked us, I (Faceless Void) tried to juke using the trees located at the top of the Dire's first tower, Shadow fiend then used ulti and this resulted to a red sprite covering the middle of the screen and stayed like that for quite a while.

    I was not the only one experiencing the visual glitch, my ally also noticed the glitch and commented that his screen was f***** up. I don't know how to post replay though. But my account name in dota 2 is also .mac.

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    Are you overclocking your GPU?

    I noticed Shadow Fiend was the only hero in the game who would give me visual artifacts when overclocking my video card.

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