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Thread: minimap x marker & drawing suggestion

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    minimap x marker & drawing suggestion

    1) the side that is using "x" markers on the minimap should be changed to isosceles triangles, so it's easier to tell which way they are facing. with an "x" it could be any of the 4 sides without a clue when the hero is standing still (unless you click to view of course).

    2) when drawing: since the first click on the minimap when starting the sketch brings your camera to that place, your camera should quickly follow your scribbles as you draw. OR should not move camera view in the first place when beginning drawing. the reason for this is just that I think it's important to have your camera where you want it at all times.

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    Regarding (2): I believe this is a bug rather than a feature. I don't remember the mouse_press event that initiates a minimap draw moving the camera view before the latest patch (29/09/2011). I am not 100% sure on that, but either way in my opinion initiating a minimap draw should not move the camera.

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    the camera should not move when we begin to draw... I guess this problem will be fixed...

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