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Thread: Official Matchmaking Feedback Thread

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    Completely unscientific, but matchmaking has been horrible for me for the past two weeks. I've went from about 50 wins above 50% to 25 wins above 50% (with ~800 total games) in two weeks time. Most of which can be attributed to the people I am being matched with. I also went from high-skill to normal-skill rank because of this.

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    Wait I'm confused. Is this still where we post one-sided matches? What about this thread? And I could have sworn that this thread was not visible a few hours ago...

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    recently the amount of premades that im being matched with as a solo player is terrible. Playing with people who have like 60 wins when i have over 1000 is an absolute insult.

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    1. Why was my original post removed ???????!!!!!!!!!??? I am re-posting it below.

    2. As I predicted, Valve had nipped Dotabuff ratings in the bud. New dota 2 update allows players to set match history to private. Nice job Gabe Newell and Eric Tams.

    Dear All,

    I announce that I have finally found a reliable way of having good, balanced games.

    I have noticed that when you start a new account, you are not part of the matchmaking system, until you have played about 20 stats recorded games.

    That is when you can have balanced games.

    Because when you are not part of the matchmaking system, matchmaking is random.

    And random matchmaking is better than Valve's matchmaking. Valve's matchmaking enforces a 50% win loss by making extreme team imbalances.

    So far I have played on about 5 different dota 2 accounts. My experience is that, everytime I start out on a fresh account, the first approximately 20 games are very balanced. Kill ratios are about 1:1. Epic turnarounds with raxes down are very common. Even if there are total noobs they do not seem to ruin the game too badly. Cos there are equal number of feeders on both sides.

    However, after that, once the matchmaking system has an idea of your true ability, the game experience changes totally and inexorably towards one-sidedness.

    Due to the randomness of the initial matchmaking, I had a win-loss ratio of 65% for my first 20 games. Valve is obviously not going to put up with this bullshit. I am not a fantastically good player, why should I ever be allowed to have a win-loss ratio above 50% ?

    Therefore, in order to solve this problem, Valve puts me with players of much lower skill level against players with much higher skill level when I need to lose, vice versa when I need to win.

    And I doubt public matchmaking ranks will be available on Dotabuff. Otherwise, why are they not releasing real-time poll results? After the poll ends they are just gonna say that most people want private rankings and then to hell with the rest. Valve forbids any messing with the matchmaking. Gabe Newell wants all of us to toe the line. Offenders will be punished with even more imbalanced games.

    We must remember that the developers of Dota 2 are mostly lifeless, autistic mathematicians and computer science geeks. They have no idea that human behaviour is different from math equations and computer programs. They want to ensure that everyone has a 50% win loss ratio. Anomalies are to be smoothed out, by force if necessary.

    I remember the good old days when I was playing Dota 1, and other session-based games like Gunbound, Gunz. The matchmaking system was lobby based, i.e. random. Obviously that was not a perfect system, but definitely much better than the current matchmaking system.

    It's perfectly fine if you want to improve on the old matchmaking system. But if you fail to do a better job, then what is the point ?? As the saying goes, do not fix what aint broken. And as Warren Buffett reminds us "Beware of geeks bearing formulas".

    Once GTA V is released I will quit Dota 2.

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    my opinion of MM changed dramatically after a game. I thought with higher amounts of games, or wins, u wont be pit with someone who has a lot less games with u, and my whole team had less than 50 wins, while other side had 3 players with more than 50 wins.

    and to top it off, my team is a complete asshole, i think they are in stacks, but they are not (after some research).
    match id: 106593028
    i give an opinion to slark, saying he should let dk top and slark go solo bot, to level up quicker, and he calls me retards, and mutes me, at the beginning of the game....
    first time playing enchantress ever and i was not comfortable actually to play her at all, but i did, and i told team when i randomed her, but i got good early ganks at top, they somehow lost to a brewmaster (beyond my imagination after i helped them gank top while forest)
    I go mid, call for gank, pudge is alraedy 0-2, mag low, but pudge wasnt there and was very slow to reply.
    10 minutes later, he calls me a fucknig downer on the team cause i was level 8. That was extremely retarded, because i was roaming and helping make fail ganks cause team could not finish, and he proceeded to mute me. i had no clue what to do for the last 20-25 minutes of the game cause there was absolutely no communication, they proceed to call me retard, and noob, and reported me.

    My rant is over, never in dota 1 have i seen this shit, but welcome to dota 2 i suppose... worst game i have ever played.
    this was not a one-sided game, although with better gameplay, and lineups, it couldve been somewhat towards the middle.
    Just a game of absolute shit teamwork because all of them are SOLO players.

    I did something stupid near the end of the game, and decided to rant that same shit to the enemy team, hoping to has some compassion lol... didnt work out well. I know my lesson, i was an omni before, but decided to swap with enchant cause i asked him, but i should have stayed safe and repicked or stayed with omni.

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    You can stop posting in this thread.

    Valve has just stated through this change that no tweaks to the MM will be made and no ratings will be released ever. We will also lose all the stats we've had from now on.

    This is purely a casual game, where casuals are the money cows Valve milks and they don't want them to feel bad => kill the competitive side of it. You can whine and cry all you want, but you'll be facing 5 man stacks in solo queue and playing with retards every time you go on a winning streak. Valve doesn't care guys. Valve doesn't care, since fixing MM doesn't bring cash, but implementing new cosmetics and making diretide/greeviling does. So it's time to quit the game or face the fact that you aren't playing a competitive game anymore. You're playing a spectator friendly, casual friendly casual game. That's it.

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    But why ??? Why does Valve want to turn Dota 2 into a casual game? How did DotA 1 become one of the most popular games in the world? By being casual? HELL NO!!!

    1. Yes, Casual gamers are cash cows. However, casual gaming is like a one-night stand. Casual gamers get bored real fast, and they change games faster than we change our underwear. Dota 2 if turned into a casual game will disappear in a few years time.

    2. The metagame of Dota 2 means that it is not suitable to be a casual game. Dota games are not won by good play, instead they are lost by bad play. Think about the implication of this.
    Yes. Dota noobs WILL feel bad about themselves no matter what. Yet it is precisely the ability to OVERCOME this bad feeling that makes one enjoy Dota. If you keep protecting noobs, I can tell you that they will still rage and feel bad. But if not forced to get better, noobs will quit the game. And pros will quit as well cos Dota 2 is casual. And Dota 2 is gone.

    3. If Valve really feels a need to make Dota 2 casual, fine. Money rules. However, they should at least follow the League of Legends model. Look at league of legends. TONNES of player statistics. In fact, Dotabuff is a subsidary of Elobuff, a LoL statistics company. And if they restrict Dota 2 players to 10 heroes per week, that would be great. No more carry fests.

    "stfu noob go play lol uninstall dota pls"
    "u mad bro?"
    "it's BETA ffs"
    "shut up pls. valve is doing great. thumbs up for valve"
    "we are all lucky to be in the beta"
    "why do YOU think YOU deserve special treatment?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Talron View Post
    get your head out of your ass
    You mean get MY dick out of YOUR ass?

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