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Thread: Official Matchmaking Feedback Thread

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    In my experience the MM has been very bi-polar. I'll win several games in a row and then lose the next several games. This makes for a very unpleasant experience, at the very least you should alternate between wins and losses

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    This is how I feel the MM works

    1. MM has some time limits (Match quality vs Queue time)
    2. Within time limit , MM attempts to get players with matching skills (and maybe same region? the range thing)
    3. The MM usually fails to find matching players within the time limit
    4. The MM resorts to 50/50 policy

    5. For this match skill level for example , we have these set of players
    1x Better player (over the level) , 7x Fair players (perfect level) , 2 lesser players (under the level)

    6. MM looks at the fair players Wins/Losses

    7. Scrambles them according to who is preferred to win and who is preferred to lose to achieve 50/50 policy
    Team 1 (Preferred to Win)            Team 2 (Preferred to Lose)
    1 Better Player                        1 Fair Player 150/139
    2 Fair Player 137/140                  2 Fair Player 147/140
    3 Fair Player 179/180                  3 Fair Player 90/70
    4 Fair Player 90/101                   4 Fair Player 150/150
    5 Lesser Player                        5 Lesser Player
    8. Notice Win/Loss for fair players


    When the system works
    we have 10 players with fair skill on the same rank level within the the time limit

    When the system is unknown (might be fair or fails)
    we have 10 players, where each side has the same better/lesser players. of course now it depends what the lesser or better players choose as hero roles , where the game might get one sided too quickly or might be balanced. AP mode fails too badly here IMO.

    When the system fails
    • Usually when there are no players of equal skill and the system jumps to 50/50 policy.
    • When it can't find matching stack players of equal size (3x stack players , 2x random) vs ( 5x random) , the system will probably jump to 50/50 policy again and put lesser players to the preferred to lose side according to Win/loss
    • When the stack has players with large varying skills
    • When Chuck Norris happens to be in that match
    • When the range goes off too far and you get matched with players who communicate with a different language and team play fails (yep you guessed who)

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    There needs to be some sort of justification for why you get put into the matches you do. Visible mmr or something would be helpful and I've heard that the reason mmr isn't visible is because people will bring it into shit talking or whatever, but I don't care if that happens. In my opinion having a better game is better than having a better community and I would gladly have a game with great matchmaking and a shitty community over one with below average matchmaking and a friendly community.

    EDIT: Just had a game with me and a friend and we get put in a game with people with like 10 games each and I have 500 games played and my friend has 300, then my team instalocks carries and doesn't do shit. Matchmaking is fucking ridiculous at the moment. We get no confirmation or anything about improvements to matchmaking and it just gets worse and worse. Please do something about matchmaking, tell us if you're working on it or something. We're left completely in the dark about it and what are we supposed to do? Cross our fingers and wait patiently and just hope it comes? I know this game isn't finished but matchmaking should be mostly functional and there's no explanation of how it works or anything, it's just incredibly frustrating.
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    - Fast and easy to join a game
    - Party system makes playing with friends easy
    - If someone fails to load, you go back into high priority queue
    - Leavers are relatively rare

    -Unable to do anything to a particular player other than report. There is no way to ensure you won't play with someone who has ruined one of your games.
    Suggestion: Add a "add to blacklist" button, or something of the sort, that either makes it impossible for you to be in the same match as them, OR make it so that you can still play in the same game with them, but they are on the other team (So that people don't just use it on every person that beats them)

    -If something happens to your computer/internet for more than 5 minutes, you get an abandon. In my last game just then, my internet cut out as the game started, and didn't come back for 10 minutes. The game was safe to leave but we all played until the end which was about 60 minutes. It was a good game, and instead of a loss, it gave me my first abandon ever, even though I played it to the end.
    Suggestion:Should be self explanatory, make it so that if you rejoin a game, even after the game is safe to leave, and everybody stays in the game until you lose (or someone leaves just as you're about to lose), it should count as a loss instead of an abandon.

    -Teams seem to be extremely uneven about 80% of the time, for me at least. Anecdote time. I've had the dota 2 beta since november, and there has been only a small amount of very bad games, and my win ratio stayed at about 50%. Since about 3-4 weeks ago I've had about 80% bad games. Be it because of someone afking and sending couriers to their base after dying twice, or their ursa doing rosh at level 1 then pubstomping the whole team, or me getting fed a bunch of kills 2 minutes in as viper, almost every game lately has very quickly turned into a completely one sided match where one team just doesn't have a chance at all.
    Suggestion: I have no freaking idea. Some indication of what kind of players I'm playing with would be nice, even if it's just a very general league sort of thing like they have on Starcraft 2. Other than that, I have no idea why this is happening. (Edit: I will note that my games have gotten better in the last day or two)

    I would post match IDs into the one sided match thread, but going through my last ~45 games and explaining why most of them sucked would be a waste of everyone's time.
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    After a long streak loss. I finally won one game. Totally one sided as have been usual lately. We roll over in every lane. Really, something is very broken. Feel free to check my last 20 solo games and there will be not a single good game(by good game I mean a close or playable game). All games are decided even before starting...

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    most of my games are played with a 2ppl premade party of more or less equal skill. my observations are based on that scenario


    - At peak times matchmaking is usually more balanced


    - Great diversity in difficulty of matches:
    - rarely, you get carried and practically get a freewin (~5% of the cases)
    - usually you have to fight for your win like a mad man and carry the team by yourself (~50% of the cases)
    - it's very likely to have one or more players on your team, who simply throw the game, because of lack of skill, communication or motivation (~30% of the cases)
    - the opposing team gets carried by one or two outstanding players (~10% of the cases)
    - some matches are thrown from the start by ridiculous randoms or ridiculous picks like 4 hardcarries, 4 melee, 4 invis, 4 farmers, in other words, picks that will NEVER work in a balanced match (~5% of the cases)
    - while it is nice to have this diversity, it is very hard to determine, what kind of match, you got ahead of you:
    - if i have a strong player on my team, i want to support him
    - i also want to give his advice and direction the right attention, if he gives any
    - if i have weak players on my team, i want to be able to "fight for my win" (that's very hard when you picked a supporter)
    - i also want to know, that those players might need my advice and direction and i want them to know, that they might need it too


    Mark the matchmaking order of each team. Also - similar to sc2 - mark the tendency of the matchmaking (which team is the favored one). So that you can prepare yourself mentally on what to expect.

    Yes, that can be demotivating for some players, seeing, that they are the best of their team in an unfavored match. But it's better than picking a supporter in that match, realizing after 30 minutes, that your carry didnt farm anything and the opposing carry got spoonfed with kills.
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    My Suggestion: Coaching System
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    Currently, it feels like the matchmaking is trying to put you at 50% win/loss by how your own team is setup (ie, putting lower-ranked or higher-ranked players in). If this is the case, it should instead match you with people of equal skill, and then put you up against a team of greater/equal/lesser skill as necessary.

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    - Nothing.

    - The system is beyond broken. After treant patch, it became a joke.
    - 0 enjoyable matches. Z - E - R - O. ZERO

    Hire me OR stop everything else you're doing and focus in making the system functional. For the first time. For a change.

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    - overall good balance i guess.
    - good players and not so good players are kinda mixed, and this is good.

    - I would like to see people who have been reported for textual-verbal abuse play w each others. On the other hand, people with no such records should be mixed between each others. This is not a "punitive" thing to do, it's just that players have different sensibilities and communication stiles.

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    I like the fact that i get matches pretty quick but thats about it. Had 8-10 terrible matches in a row where one team overly outmatched the other. So many people are telling you how shitty the system is & that doesn't even count the people who do not come to this forum to report about it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I'm literally going to put this game down (as many of my friends have) until you improve MM because this crap sucks all the fun out of it when I can't even get a balanced match this entire week.

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