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It's interesting to see it like this. Make sure you've gone through my Common Suggestions list if you haven't already and add anything else in there. I don't agree with all of the changes, but it's a good summary.
Not sure i did, if you can send me the link and ill check it out. Only compilation i can remember atm is about tooltip information changes. Tnx for the sticky and for title change i noticed to late that i misspelled it

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This is how I would like it. Keep the top and bottom exactly like it currently is: icons, portrait, minimap, abilities etc. But with these changes:

1-5 Add an option to open these up like we currently do with the scoreboard. I don't always want it to clutter my screen.
7-8 Suggested alot of times. Good to have bigger letters for the shop and manacost visual directly for the items
9 I agree on that the buff system should be reworked so you can easily make difference on what are buffs, de-buffs, auras (positive & negative) and so that you with ease can understand what things that are purgable.
10 I don't understand the difference
11 Not very needed but it still is a nice addition to see your current orb
12 Keep map were it currently is
13 It is nice to see were your allies are going. But make it an option so that you can avoid unwanted clutter.
14 No, this actually decides who gets the rune alot of times
15-16 Like I wrote in the start of the post. These go were they currently are
17 I also think that you should be able to see your reg at all times

T-up to:
Being able to see how long a buff will last (Shadow Demon picture)
The new observer ward design with clock ticking down (Observer Ward Picture)
Less clutter if you got mass units (Broodmother picture)
Red text for Unique attack modifiers
SD-layout, even though I already t-up them in their own thread before.

T-down to:
Your suggested layour for duration on a summon. Will look much better if he just have a timer that counts down (Boar picture)
Layout on Aghanims upgrades. Would be better if you click a button on the tooltip to see the aghanims tooltip. Trying having both in same tooltip makes it cluttered.
Grouping leveling/dots of same skills. Dosn't look better and wont make it easier
1-5 in my opinion location for teammates sidebar should be individual, some prefer top some side or bottom. Ill try to make it a popup and see if i can made it look decent enough to post it )
10 difference between current and these - there is no circular filling of the ability picture. Difference between those 2 - first have transparent image and second is a black background.
13 it was actually suggested only for your own hero, I agree that all 5 would cause too much clutter
14 no it doesn't, they are permanent dots that only show location and will be there even when there are no runes. We have roshans mark and it doesn't decide who kills him )

map, clock, item locations... wary from person to person so i can satisfy all but different locations for them are done in the thread i provided. Best way for that to be handled is to let us relocate them as we want.

Spider pic has simple cooldown. If made by someone more skilful boar cd may look better )

The difference between current and new aghanims tooltips is in 4 digits, not much of a clutter, button would take that much space and i think that info for it should be accessible at first look.