Added: redesigned hero swap screen

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(-)I do not like switching the inventory and the map. There is no reason for it other than making it exactly like the LoL UI (not flaming LoL here it just looks the exact same almost 1 to 1).

(-)Same goes for moving team info to the sides. I like the symmetrical look af the top-UI and you would have to look right and left to see your team's and the other team's status. It is more convenient the way it is now.
(+) I do like the idea of seeing team HP-bars though and considering that we already have that feature in the commentator mode, it should be easy to put into the regular easy in fact that I wonder if that is deliberate but I doubt it. Would be great to have that at the top of the screen as well.
Also, I see why people would want to see their team-mates inventory without clicking but it looks a bit much. I mean, in the time I need to identify a specific item in 4 tiny inventories with 6 slots each on the side of my screen, I might as well click a portait. (-) And seeing all abilities and cooldowns of your team and their mana at all times is definitely too much, IMO. Knowing if their ultimate is up is enough.

Everything else is pretty much great.
I said somewhere that picture i uploaded here is mine and has ton of new additions, if you ask me they should mostly be options if you like it turn it on. If you check threads i provided under "overall changes" you will find 5-6 different suggestion with different positions of map, teammates bar... and reasons for moving them.

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yes, I know, but I already use a ton of key, and I can't bind another 3-4 to a comfortable position
Ill look into the mentioned tread and see what possible solutions are there, picture with 3 buttons above map are not hard to do so if nothing else is there i can put that one in, will see...