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    I think I speak for all Half Life fans when I say... amazing job! Love the voice, fits him so well, and the references to HL in some of his dialogue is just awesome!

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    He makes me laugh. I love him. Great job with him!

    Now I don't know which is more awesome. Clockwerk or Tinker.

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    Tinker's dialogue is great, but his face doesn't move corresponding to the lines on his animated portrait. Not sure if it's a bug or if it's in the works, so I'm just posting it here.

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    The way he says some of his lines don't really fit properly with the other ones in terms of tone, or rhythm, or something like that. An example is (one of the?) double damage - it doesn't sound right. The voice is fine, but something with those lines are missing and something is off about it
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    '' Lamar ? ''
    Epic voice and references to Half Life 2

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    Tinker's voice is beyond expectations. I was worried he wouldn't be as glorious as Tinker's voice from WC3 - those worries have been put to rest.

    Choosing Kleiner's voice was pure genius.

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    I feel really stupid in retrospect for not even expecting Valve to sneak in the Black Mesa Team when the opportunity presented itself.

    Do I even have to say it? His voice is pure gold.

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