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Thread: Console and Bind Settings

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    1- Console command to open downloaded replays tab (in offline mode).
    2- Console command to open settings (in offline mode).

    The problem is that the client requires connection to browse local files and open local settings.
    IMHO it should just temporarily disable online features when the route is unavailable.
    It's not a big deal since the console is working, but the replays tab would be nice.

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    hi guys, how do i bind spacebar as my control group ? apparently, if i bind it through the settings provided by dota 2, it doesnt work. Help would be very much appreciated!

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    And what about the command "wait". This command exists in dota 2 or access to it is closed? I would like to use it in the custom scripts.

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    In the keybind section of the UI, global chat seems to be hardcoded for shift + Xkey....why would this be hardcoded to need shift? People should be able to bind a separate key for global chat vs team chat via the interface. For reference look at every other valve game made.

    A similar issue is I'm not allowed to bind either mouse3 or the shift key via the UI keybind area. These are some very basic keys that seem to be unbindable at the moment.

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    I can't seem to find the Courier bind command. It can only be done from settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n1mr0d View Post
    I can't seem to find the Courier bind command. It can only be done from settings.
    bind "<ley>" "dota_select_courier"

    you may also want to use dota_courier_deliver

    Quote Originally Posted by fReeZze View Post
    And what about the command "wait". This command exists in dota 2 or access to it is closed? I would like to use it in the custom scripts.
    IIRC wait is restricted on proper servers. I might be wrong though.

    Quote Originally Posted by bkt View Post
    Can i bind fast buy item, but not only one? I need 2 fast nuy binds. How to do it?
    I am no expert, but you should be able to do something like this (untested):

    bind "p" "hud_sticky_item_name item_ward_observer;dota_purchase_stickybuy"
    bind "o" "hud_sticky_item_name item_tpscroll;dota_purchase_stickybuy"

    heres a list of item codes
    Aghanim's Scepter = item_ultimate_scepter
    Assault Cuirass = item_assault
    Basher = item_basher
    Blade Mail = item_blade_mail
    Black King Bar = item_black_king_bar
    Boots of Speed = item_boots
    Bottle = item_bottle
    Butterfly = item_butterfly
    Clarity = item_clarity
    Crysalys = item_crit
    Daedalus = item_greater_crit
    Desolator = item_desolator
    Eul's Scepter of Divinity = item_cyclone
    Eye of Skadi = item_skadi
    Gauntlets of Strength = item_gauntlets
    Healing Salve = item_flask
    Heart of Torrasque = item_heart
    Helm of the Dominator = item_helm_of_the_dominator
    Hood of Defiance = item_hood_of_defiance
    Iron Branch = item_branches
    Khadgar's Pipe = item_pipe
    Linken's Sphere = item_sphere
    Magic Stick = item_magic_stick
    Magic Wand = item_magic_wand
    Manta Style = item_manta
    Mantle of Intelligence = item_mantle
    Mekansm = item_mekansm
    Mjollnir = item_mjollnir
    Monkey King Bar = item_monkey_king_bar
    Necronomicon = item_necronomicon
    Null Talisman = item_null_talisman
    Observer Ward = item_ward_observer
    Orchid Malevolence = item_orchid
    Phase Boots = item_phase_boots
    Power Treads = item_power_treads
    Quelling Blade = item_quelling_blade
    Radiance = item_radiance
    Ring of Basilius = item_ring_of_basilius
    Ring of Health = item_ring_of_health
    Sange = item_sange
    Sange and Yasha = item_sange_and_yasha
    Satanic = item_satanic
    Scythe of Vyse = item_sheepstick
    Shadow Blade = item_invis_sword
    Shiva's Guard = item_shivas_guard
    Slippers of Agility = item_slippers
    Stout Shield = item_stout_shield
    Tango = item_tango
    Teleport Scroll = item_tpscroll
    Urn of Shadows = item_urn_of_shadows
    Vanguard = item_vanguard
    Veil of Discord = item_veil_of_discord
    Vladmir's Offering = item_vladmir
    Wraith Band = item_wraith_band
    Yasha = item_yasha
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    The control group function that works by pressing cntrl+(an action) does not work with hero abilities because that is set and changeable as leveling up a skill for the hero which is quiet annoying when im trying to play a hero like meepo and i want to use the function of cntrl+w to make all meepos poof so unless this is done on purpose plz allow us to change how auto leveling a skill is done so we can use the control group function better.
    reference to

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    could you add double keybinds for inventory? i would like it very much.

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    Hey, do you guys know if there's any way to increase the resolution of shadows?
    Searched around a lot but I can't find any clear info on it, and I think the low resolution of the shadows is the only bad thing with the graphics in this otherwise gorgeous-looking game.

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    Is there a way to bind treants, illusions, healing ward, brew ulti panda, etc units to a single bind ( to be as default ) i.e. 2, while hero is on 1? I would like this cuz "select other units" command selects dominated creeps as well which i use for pulling or pushing. Unified unit control works the same like select other units, and its bad to waste panda ulti to bind each panda.. Whats more, there can be no time to do this if u just get an ulti in the middle of fight by lvling up.


    bind "1" "dota_select_hero; npc_select_earth 1; npc_select_earth 2; npc_select_earth 3"
    bind "2" "npc_select_wind 1; ...; ... 3; unit_select_treant1,2,3,4,5; npc_select_healingward; unit_select_illusion 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...; npc_select_spiritbear; ..."

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