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Thread: Console and Bind Settings

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    Jan 2017
    I quit playing this game years ago because I couldn't bind ctrl+QWEASD to my inventory. 4 years later and you still haven't fixed this?

    What's the reason behind not being able to bind the way you want to?

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    Sep 2015
    action button (for prediction) not working after i assigned it it to a key

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    Jul 2016
    console command "language_fake_unsupported_primary" not working
    please, add console command or option, may disable holding cursor in windowed mode.
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    There's quick attack and quick move, but no quick directional movement or quick patrol. Also, it could be cool to disallow right clicking from attacking things, and only allow hotkey attacks (A attack) to attack things. Also, ctrl + ? commands could be added for a second alt-style button. Also, alt + right click bindings could be cool.
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