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Thread: Patch Notes

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    Patch Notes

    - Enabled Random Draft mode!
    - Enabled Lone Druid in Captain's Mode.
    - Ancient Apparition: Fixed Ice Blast impact damage not hurting illusions.
    - Ancient Apparition: Fixed Chilling Touch affecting Spirit Bear and Warlock's Golem.
    - Axe: Fixed Culling Blade ending after death effects like Diabolic Edict and Epicenter.
    - Bane: Fixed Nightmare putting Juggernaut to sleep while Omnislashing.
    - Bane: Fixed Fiend's Grip doing one tick less damage than it should have.
    - Batrider: Fixed Firefly destroying trees in a bigger aoe than intended.
    - Batrider: Fixed Flamebreak hitting magic immune units (6.74b change).
    - Bloodseeker: Fixed Rupture interaction with spells like Omnislash, Ball Lightning, etc.
    - Faceless Void: Fixed Chronosphere not freezing invulnerable towers.
    - Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash considering ancients as valid targets.
    - Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash ending prematurely if a target becomes invulnerable.
    - Lifestealer: Fixed being able to hide inside an enemy Spirit Bear/Golem with Infest (wasn't doing damage to it though)
    - Lifestealer: Fixed Infest not removing buffs before jumping in.
    - Lifestealer: Fixed Feast bonus damage type allowing it to critical strike.
    - Lion: Fixed Mana Drain missing its last 1/4 tick.
    - Lone Druid: Fixed Entangle not affecting magic immune units.
    - Lone Druid: Fixed Entangle not interrupting channeling spells.
    - Mirana: Fixed Moonlight Shadow not affecting allied units sometimes (Disrupted, Phase Shifted, etc).
    - Morphling: Fixed Replicate being castable on Spirit Bear and Warlock Golem.
    - Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Sanity's Eclipse mana drain logic.
    - Puck: Fixed Ethereal Jaunt not dodging projectiles properly.
    - Pudge: Reduced the delay before being able to issue orders after Meat Hook.
    - Razor: Fixed some bugs with Unstable Current killing a target after its ability starts (like Omnislashing while dead).
    - Razor: Fixed Plasma Field not giving aoe vision following Razor.
    - Slardar: Fixed Slithereen Crush affecting couriers.
    - Silencer: Fixed Global Silences affecting couriers abilities.
    - Spectre: Fixed permanently losing the ability to block creeps after the first Spectral Dagger use.
    - Spirit Breaker: Fixed being unable to target magic immune units with Netherstrike.
    - Sven: Fixed Great Cleave working on denies.
    - Tinker: Fixed March of the Machines spawn per second from 30 to 24.
    - Tinker: Fixed March of the Machines movement speed from 500 to 400.
    - Tinker: Fixed Heat Seeking Missle hitting Spirit Bear and Warlock's Golem.
    - Tinker: Fixed March of the Machines killing couriers.
    - Tiny: Fixed Aghanim tree doing too much damage to buildings.
    - Tiny: Fixed Aghanim tree cleaving when attacking buildings.
    - Vengeful Spirit: Fixed Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror affecting couriers.
    - Viper: Fixed Viper Strike being an instant effect instead of a dodgeable projectile.
    - Weaver: Fixed Weaver's Swarm getting one shotted by attack spells like Impetus and Arcane Orb.
    - Weaver: Fixed bug where Swarm bugs would cause some heroes to spin when attacking them, or not be able to attack them at all.
    - Windrunner: Fixed being able to Shackleshot onto Ancients/Roshan.
    - Fixed units/wards being unable to attack animation cancel if they are unable to move.
    - Fixed abilities going into cooldown if the target dies while paying manacost (ie. from Nether Ward).
    - Fixed Alchemist's Unstable Concoction and Bounty Hunter's Track being castable on Spirit Bear/Golem.
    - Fixed cleave damage not waking up Nightmared units.
    - Fixed Mjollnir and Maelstrom having orb selection priorty when attacking buildings.
    - Fixed Armlet lifedraining on Illusions.
    - Fixed DisableHelp not working for Chen's Persuasion.
    - Fixed Roshan not disabling Blink Dagger.
    - Fixed Tranquil Boots going into a short cooldown whenever you took damage.
    - Reordered Mekansm recipe list to have Headdress first.
    - Fixed Pudge's Meat Hook and Mirana's Arrow not hitting Spirit Bear.
    - Fixed Vampiric Aura showing buff on things it does not affect.
    - Fixed neutral units being able to cast their spells while disabled/silenced when they aren't player controlled.
    - Fixed Double Damage rune not granting a fake buff to nearby illusions.
    - Fixed neutral Centaur attack speed aura increasing speed by percentages instead of constant amounts
    - Fixed being unable to purge an offensive Decrepify
    - Fixed Ethereal Blade interaction with Spirit Bear.
    - Fixed a bug where if Nature's Prophet cast Sprout on Lycan in wolf form while he was running, Lycan could run through the trees and escape the sprout.

    - Illusions now fake display the same crit overhead values as the real hero.
    - A global message is now displayed when you random a hero.
    - There is now a 2 second cooldown on unpausing a paused game, to prevent two people trying to pause the game at the same time and accidently unpausing.
    - Fixed being unable to Glyph while disabled.
    - Fixed printing the wrong kill message when an illusion kills a tower
    - Fixed spectator FOW keys broken.
    - Fixed the courier failing to pick up an item from the stash resulting in the item teleporting to the hero's feet.
    - Items that are dropped on the ground as a result of a full inventory will now always be usable in item combines, even if they cannot be dropped right next to a hero.
    - While watching a replay, you can now click on the pips (Hero/Tower Kills) on the XP and Gold panels to jump to 5 seconds before that moment happens.
    - Fixed team-only chat in games created via private lobbies.

    - Updated Nevermore's animations.
    - Updated Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison projectile effect.
    - Updated Faceless Void's Backtrack effect.

    - Bots will no longer attempt to use a Tango when being attacked or when defending an ally.
    - Adjusted some numbers to hopefully make it less likely for bots to try to TP out of a gank attempt when they were obviously going to die before it finished.
    - Fixed bug where Zeus would killsteal when his target thought they were safe, even if they weren't.
    - Cleaned up sellability of a bunch of bot items, should prevent cases where bots buy recipes for components they've previously sold.
    - Added additional items in the builds for Sniper and Juggernaut, they should no longer run out of items to buy in long matches.
    - Fixed bug where bots wouldn't realize that Antimage was a hard carry for lane selection purposes.
    - Fixed bug where any players in spectate/broadcast slots would prevent bots from picking a hero.
    - Bots will now wait to activate until all hero picking is completed.
    - Fixed bug where the matchmaker wouldn't try to match bot difficulties when finding a Coop game.
    - Fixed bug where bots might still pick up Aegis/Rapier immediately upon them dropping rather than waiting a couple seconds for humans to have a shot at them.
    - Added generic attack desire bonus to any enemy hero that is currently stunned.

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    nice, no new hero though

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    - Lifestealer: Fixed Feast bonus damage type allowing it to critical strike.

    Finally, gj!

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    - Updated Nevermore's animations.
    :O looking forward it

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    Engaging test mode! Ty sir Ice

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    OMFG, 2 weeks and no hero...

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    Wheres new hero? O_O

    I guess one more week of anticipation.

    - Pudge: Reduced the delay before being able to issue orders after Meat Hook.

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    Woah random draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceFrog View Post
    - Pudge: Reduced the delay before being able to issue orders after Meat Hook.


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    Seriously, no new hero? wtf...

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