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Thread: [Fixed] Forest Troll Priest Aura

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    [Fixed] Forest Troll Priest Aura

    Summary: Frost Troll Priest Aura doesn't stack with Ring of Basilus aura

    Reproduction Steps:
    1) Level Devour on Doombringer
    2) Make note of your mana regen
    3) Devour Frost Troll Priest
    4) Recheck your mana regen

    Result: Units only benefit from Troll priest aura

    Expected: Mana regen should total the base regen and additions from both Troll priest aura and Ring
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    I'd say it's a tooltip error since you won't get 3.6 mp/sec with doom lvl13 with only basi.

    E: Something's fishy here. How did you get 3.6mp/sec with these items? I checked and it gives 2.2mp. But this should result in 4.2 with the troll aura...

    It can be explained if RoB aura does not stack with forest troll aura. That would give 1.6 without basi to 3.6 with troll aura. But that would be a bug.

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    i just tested and i think its just tooltip bug

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    I just confirmed my suspicion. RoB and troll aura don't stack. So the bug lies there. You should rename topic and maybe open one in tooltip errors as well.

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    The two auras should stack as they have different IDs.

    Added to sticky, edited OP.
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