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Thread: [Suggestion] Improve interface on AoE spells

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    add it while hovering over the spell but not when actually clicking the hotkey

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    More information = less skill
    If you had that feature, people will request to have ALL skill have an AoE and cast range.

    This is not an issue of "what if theres new players and he has to learn the AoEs of 100 skills?".
    First off, if the player wants to invest in a highly competitive game, then its his duty to understand the mechanics,
    as much as i hate saying this, this game isnt for casuals, valve went into developing DotA2 with the knowledge
    that they wont care for casuals because the playerbase they will get is the old players of DotA1 and
    maybe throw a couple of tutorials before throwing the new players into the fire.

    Please stop trying to change the game to a babyfied version of it, theres the other games for that,
    whats more annoying is that i just came from a thread requesting to have skill casting range be always active.

    Think before you suggest. Even a single tree placement on the map would break a few things.
    Weigh the pros and cons of your suggestions. Dont just throw shit at the wall and expect it to stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wachon1992 View Post
    add it while hovering over the spell but not when actually clicking the hotkey
    this pretty much, making stuff easier to understand for beginners is VERY IMPORTANT!!! this wont effect anyone that already knows the spells, it will simply make it easier to understand the hitbox of the spell for new players.

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    No. Learn to play the game yourself without a bunch of assists.

    In the future tutorial mode, sure.

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