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Thread: Interface/Settings bugs and Suggestions

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    Interface/Settings bugs and Suggestions

    Note: This is my first run of DotA 2.

    1. The interface is out of proportion on 16/10, i use a 1440X900 resolution(19' wide monitor).
    2. Same problem with hot-key interface for the same resolution.
    3. In-ability to use "`" as a hot-key.(This is the button to the left of "1").
    4. "Shift", cannot be used as a button click modifier.

    Annoyances:(This is based on personal preference)
    1. The game's bottom UI is too big, i know it's been said already and that it closely looks like WC3's, but the ability to adjust UI scale would be lovable.
    2. While the UI is big, the numbers resembling the stats are a bit too small.
    3. In-ability to remove the whole useless(the one that doesn't have anything but textures) bottom part of the UI and see behind it.

    1. 1 modifier button for all spells, to make them auto-cast.(As in, make it alt, and it's always alt+the spell button). Should work for items that would be auto-cast-eable later on too.
    2. I couldn't find a hot-key for fortification(could just be me).

    A Side note: i am no expert but i think there is a memory leak in the game, the whole PC gets a whole lot slower after the first game and increases exponentially.

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