I think in regards to the minimap, there is too much detail and the player markers on the map do not stand out enough.

I find I cannot look at the map for half a second and get an overall idea of whos missing and who is not. I usually have to look at it for 2-3 seconds to get an idea of whats happening.

Firstly, the character markers do not stand out enough. Some colours blend in with the actual minimap itself so makes it harder to spot somebody out with a quick glance. There should maybe be a border around the shapes that is a distinct colour from the minimap (different border colour for allies and enemies) this way so when you look at the map, these stick out straight away so you dont need to spend time analyzing the map.

Secondly, the map the map has too much detail on it. There are a lot of colours and shading etc. I do understand that they want to make the map look really nice, but this really gets in the way when you want to briefly look at it. The colours should be really basic with not much shading etc. This way you can instantly make out where everything is and not get confused. Remember and I cannot stress this enough, you look at the map for half a second not 3-4 seconds.

This is my opinion. Thanks.