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Thread: Enalarge Item Cooldown Text!

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    Enalarge Item Cooldown Text!

    It is hard for me to read at a glance what is the cooldown left on my blink dagger for example. What should be changed imo is the cooldown text. Maybe it is just me, but I really have problems reading this text.

    Current CD text:

    Suggested CD text:

    p.s. sorry about the typo in the title. I meant enlarge*.
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    I liked your new font. +1

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    The only reason I can see against this would be the cooldown on dominator, refresher and the like. 3 digits in that size would be very bad. Maybe scale the font size depending on 0-9, 10-99, 100-etc?

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    what about a dynamic font for cooldowns getting greater the more it is about to expire ?
    +1 like ur idea

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