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Thread: Jungle Areas are Not the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Portalfreek View Post
    I think you don't get the point of this forum section. If you look at the description of this forum section you would be able to see the phrase "MAP INCONSISTENCIES". Dota 2 is a REMAKE, the map is SUPPOSED to be the same. You are clearly not paying attention.
    It still doesn't have to be an exact remake. If you wanted to move into a new, upgraded house and wanted to keep a similar look of your old house; why would you bring all the faulty wiring and pipes with you? Just because something is different, does not mean it's bad. They may have changed a lot of things about the map because they wanted to make it better. Instead of assuming they're trying to make the game worse, think about why they would change something like this.

    EDIT: So I misread the whole point behind this and after watching the video I see what you're saying now. Though I still think there are far more important issues than the placement of trees, my point still stands that there's no reason it has to be 1:1. If it's that important to you, then by all means they can fix it, after they do everything else needed.
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    Yeah last time I tried to chokepoint jungle all the classic DotA spots were broken which is sad. Also this thread has popped up so often without any developer response. Guess it`s gonna take them half a year like the suicide scourge bottom ranged creep. -.-

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    hope it will be fixed soon !!!

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    Even the original dota map had changed several times from the past. Why can't dota2 change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isamare View Post
    Even the original dota map had changed several times from the past. Why can't dota2 change?
    Tis Thread isn't for that kind of discussion - map isn't exactly like in DotA = Bug.

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