My eyesight isn't very good so I opted for the option mentioned in the title. But there are a few problems and could use some improvements.

1. When my hero gets an illusion, his name will appear more than once with the same colour even if it's my ally. Say I'm Tiny and I pick up an illusion room, there'll be three Tiny names. This obviously creates confusion. It's okay if it happens on enemies, but allies should have a way to differentiate this. Maybe illusions have slightly transparent names?

2. Some things like the courier and AA Ice Blast are still hard to see. The courier could use the same treatment as the heroes by havng it's own name writing on the minimap instead of an icon in this option. AA Ice Blast could have a bigger icon as, well, people who use this option generally have troubles with their eyesight.

Do note that these changes should only be applied to this option without affecting the rest.

Thank you!