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Thread: One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

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    i was on the winning side, but it was a horribly unbalanced game.. every player on hellbourne feeding despite decent picks from both sides (considering it's mm)


    me on the winning side again, all teammates are decent(invoker actually plays rlly well) while enemies played really bad(with the exception of am, maybe)


    me losing as morphling with highest gpm on the team, 5/1 at the end of the game... all teammates horribly underfarmed and feeding, while enemy team doesnt play particularly good or bad


    me as dark seer on the winning side, no one on my team playing particularly bad, but all enemies except am feed... game over after 14 min

    havent played a game since 1 month because of mm games like these.. especially the morphling one was annoying
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    People usually post 'bad' games where their team gets stomped. I thought I'd post 3 matches where we ended up completely stomping the other team and the game felt completely imbalanced. I was playing with a friend, but I only laned with him once.

    12895773 I randomed CM, my buddy picked Jugg. We ended up completely destroying the short lane. As an addendum - I had to beg Mirana to give us the short lane, and if we would have been forced to go in the long game, the outcome would have most likely been completely different.

    12891912 I randomed Dazzle, my buddy was mid with queen of pain. I was babysitting a pub playing a Juggernaut, who at first seemed rather clueless (blocked wave too much to let enemy wave autoattack at tower, kept autoattacking creeps, etc) but he ended up getting free farm, and all lanes were really easily won - including a Sand King + Riki long lane.

    12880896 I randomed Storm Spirit, my buddy randomed Silencer. I was solo mid, and I started off pretty poorly with a really dumb death, but then started ganking all over. Interestingly, this game I ended up getting only 2 kills and 18 assists - guess I need to work on my sniping skills.

    What is completely striking to me is how the outcome of the game so often hinges on intangibles - had Mirana insisted on going on the sort lane in the last game, we probably wouldn't have had nearly the advantage we ended up getting.

    I should add, that most of my games are with a group of friends (completely different from the friend that I played with) that are clearly better than me. I don't know if that results in me having an abnormally low MMR since my performance in high skill games is usually pretty terrible.
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    Here's one that tops all the previous games posted: 12061322 (

    Final score is 48-7 in 27:26. I was on the winning team. I'm not sure if they destroyed more than one of our towers. They just did very poorly in the laning phase. Witch Doctor and I (SK) keep double killing them top. We would ping them until one or both were ~75% life then just stun and attack. They made no attempt to stay back from us and it's almost as if they'd never faced someone actually attacking them in the lane before (and my laning style is not aggressive). I mean, Witch Doctor finished 11-2 for god's sake.

    Some other notes:

    * We were a five team stack and so were they (checking their previous games showed they all played together).
    * The win totals of each opponent seemed comparable to those on our team.
    * The previous and next game I played resulted in me getting blown out. So, it's weird that I'd lose horribly, win by a preposterous amount, and lose horribly.

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    Man i could fill this thread up...this matchmaking really wants me to quit dota 2. Last 40 games, 12 wins 38 losses. 90% of them complete one sided stomps.

    Dominate mid, 9-4 with destroyer rest of the lanes get stomped. Extremely bad bad picks, i get destroyer and my team gets sniper and clinkz.
    Get 14-0 with storm, completely dominate mid. Keep ganking and killing their top and jungle farmers, rest of the team completely getting stomped. Axe makes vanguard, gets a ring of health and sange. Void just keeps getting caught out. No courier not a single ward whole game.
    Dominate mid completely with clinkz. Team gets stomped and leaves in 20 mins.
    Support lion, keep buying wards, ganks, help carries. Get completely stomped

    Edit just for good measure some wins.

    Bad lanes by dire, just keep running around the map completely abandoning mid and bot. Stomp
    4 melee by radiant with 2 of them hard carries. Get pushed out and stomped.
    Massive skill level difference. Radiant gets absolutely stomped, all of them play bad compared to dire.

    I could keep going on, the wins were also completely one sided affairs with scores like 60-20, same with losses. Harldy 4-5 decent games. Matchmaking in its current form is retarded and this is coming from a really patient guy. 70-80% of the matches are nearly stomps.
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    Close game at the beginning? No! Brown was outright horrible, unable to use his hero correctly, never with the team and feeding with drow. Then proceeds to troll hard and blaming me along with those 2 other fucktards.
    Shaman & slardar spent all game crying and blaming the team while they were actually playing very poorly.
    Weaver was lost too, had some kills but never where he had too.
    They died continuously stupidly and fed the enemy carry that went unstoppable pretty fast.

    Instead of fighting BEHIND our tower, they rush out of range and get anal raped by enemies ulties.
    I was the only one not doing the mistake and they started blaming me for it... seriously?!

    Enemy team was way more organized, always ganking together and impossible to counter them with this team.

    IMO, the shaman has been abusing the commend system in some way, it's way too high for this kind of behaviour. Insulting/blaming all game long.


    The other team was way too weak. Only brewmaster was decent.
    They were all running around, totally disorganized, unaware of the danger and dying stupidly over and over.


    Should stop there, every games I play are totally one sided.
    Just played a game where the whole team didnt listen and let the enemy lycan and spectre free farm while they were busy roaming on the map and failing their ganks/dying to creeps.
    I went from 57% wins to 47% in a few days. Games are worse and worse.
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    This one stuck out because it was extremely one-sided but with groups of friends on both teams.

    Match ID: 12944550

    Description: My team, the Dire, consisted of three friends and two others. I don't think the matchmaking handles teams very well because these guys were incredibly bad, and, usually, my friends and I play extremely bad together. We random and tend to get really bad lanes. The riki and lion lost their lane and fed to a solo venomancer. Riki claimed he didn't even know why veno was faster then him. They may have been goofing around but who knows.

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    match ID 13001093

    the dire won the game with 19 - 0
    no need to say anything this is a big fail for the mm-system i dont know how the hell is this balanced :/

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    the enemies were on another level

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    Match ID: 13062142

    Description: My team radient getting faced against a 5 man stack with CraNich wich have around 800 wins, that is top 10 of all dota2 players according to the stats.dota2 site and another guy with 730 wins, others have around 400 wins.
    Our team have all solo players and all have around 300 wins. They rax us in 16 min..

    This is so far from matchmaking i can think of, so fucking sad.
    This happens so often since 11th april it's a joke. Not fun anymore.

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    Match ID: 13061174

    Huge difference in cooperation between both team

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