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Thread: One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

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    Match ID: 13061216

    Description: 3 feeders in one team and even though Pudge has +500 wins he was really weak.

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    Match ID: 1310088

    Level 1 roshan followed by pubstomp.

    I checked the dota stats page and 3 or 4 of the players on the opposing team play 90% of their games together. My question is, why did your match making system instantly place me into a game as a solo queue against a 4 man premade instead of searching for a more suitable match? I can wait the extra four or five minutes, I don't see why I need to be randomly penalized with a pointless game and an abandon over the other 27000 players online at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowreflex View Post
    This thread is to compile a list of all matches which you felt were completely one-sided.

    If you want to post an unbalanced match in this thread you will need to post in this specific format:

    Match ID: xxxxxxxxxx

    Description: Why do you think this was one-sided? Were there any particularly strong or weak players? If so, were both teams in the same situation? Did someone say something like it's their first time to play a hero? Was one of the team dynamics off (wrong heroes picked). Basically, give as much info as possible to help the devs investigate.

    Each Match ID needs to have a separate description.


    Remember, we are looking for completely one-sided games. If it was only a bit one-sided then please don't post it in here. Also, if someone was intentional feeding or disconnected/AFK/fountain camping then please don't report those here. We are looking for specific issues with the matchmaking algorithms only.

    You may only reply to a post if you have something helpful for the devs to add to the conversation, like if you noticed something in particular that's useful about a replay that someone posted. Any other posts will be deleted. Any posts that just list match id's and no detailed description will also be removed.

    Match ID: 13115237

    Description: Enigma's first game as enigma. Went solo top and had no idea how to play or ult, while their broodmother got first tower down in like 6 mins. Naix was also questionable bot, their team played well and the game was "won" in first 10 minutes

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    My team gets 20 kills the whole match, 18 of them belong to me and Invoker.

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    Match :

    All match pretty 1 sided, most of them last less than 20 minute..
    i got other 70 page to check but im too tired..
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    Any people that don't add descriptions to their matches will have them deleted. Don't expect the devs to do all the work for you. Explain what you think went wrong in the game.
    Please read Common Discussions, Common Suggestions, Common Technical Issues, Common Bugs, and do a website search prior to making any new thread.
    Use the report () button to report flaming, illegal discussions, offensive content, excessive spam, trolling, advertising, or duplicate threads

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    Match : 13206659

    Enemy went for 5 carry team and were destroyed in 21 minutes. Yes, my brood is amazing, but at least most the time i need way more effort.

    Either the lone druid tried him for the first time, or it was the first he encountered a good brood player ...

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    I was actually going to make a list and post it all together, but this game just made me rage so much that I need to instapost.

    Match id: 13209819, my nick is currently Lady Gaga.

    Seriously. Pudge, Rhasta and Death Prophet have no idea what they are doing. Drow might have some idea,if at all, but think that she doesn't need aura to be any usefull mid game. I feel like I have to gank everyone and kill everyone of them because otherwise team will just feed. I don't think I ever raged so much in this game. I'm not saying I played 100%, but if you watch high level games and mid level games, nobody has to do so much stuff to win a game. I'll repeat again: I want to cut my winning streaks against stronger opponents, not with very weak team mates. It was to the point people calling me "try hard" or saying I'm dedicated for having so many hours in the game. We don't belong in the same match.

    To clarify why they don't have any idea, just check first minutes of game. Lane was me and krobelus, she throws random silences.
    Pudge didn't even want to solo mid.
    Rhasta buys sentry to feed broodmother. I mean, if you see her, you kill her.. right?
    I bought wards once, people have no minimap awareness unless you click thousands of times.
    Maybe I should have just farmed and do the "hard carry" bounty hunter, but seriously, is this how am I supposed to play a hero with a skill that gives huge amount of money on kills? I go perseverance just so I can stand ganking and maybe go battlefury for pushing... I see broodmother already has a butterfly. Drow obviously is building suggested items, so someone has to get monkey king bar. Bararcks are destroyed, people with full hp running, can't farm monkey king bar, people give up on the game and start chatting. If I get more of this games I'll die of brain damage.
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    MatchID: 13231247


    RD mode, bottom three are together on radiant (I'm the low leveled axe), top two on dire are together (at least). You literally put the two worst players in the game as our first picks.

    Bloodseeker 48%
    Spiritbreaker 49%

    Game was already over because of the horrible first picks and because of how awful they played throughout the game. On top of that, bloodseeker was raging and hid items on the courier from teammates. Can you stop putting me with shit tier players and fix your matchmaking system? I can put match IDs up all day.

    If you actually need reasons, our lanes were already fucked up from the awful picks. Adding to that, BS/SB were awful alone by item choice and their inability to be in any team fights.

    SK was a strong player, as was the AA and DS.

    Sand King 51% (600+ games)
    AA 51%
    DS 52%

    Seriously, how the hell is this balanced at all?

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