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Thread: Captains Mode Hero Pick Lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ner[D] View Post

    If every hero would have kinda like his own "introductionary oneliners" which are funny/fit the hero.

    "Im the juggernaut, beach" [i know, settle down] is more than fitting for jugg. Or Kunkas line ( mentioned above). Clockwork or Tinker could go "FIRST" (relating to comments on verious subjects) To give some some extra variety, they could have more than one line. One with [basic] name "Lina, all fired up" or "Lina" and the other one a bit longer like i have mentioned before.

    +1 to having a line when they get banned.

    Would be nice to se doom knight going all "nooooooooo" darth vader style or blood seeker/beast master - "maggots". Enchantress "You not pick meee?Ą But ...but..I like.... everything". Void could go "You will regret not picking me - I saw the future" and so on.

    Or you could just add some "random" NPC "commenter, like the shopkeeper or such, who would make the rimarks based on what you picked kinda like in a story telling. "So our story begginns with... <name, small intrudoction "ah, Lina, the one with the hot temper...just don't tell her I said that...">...unfortunatly <banned hero name "Lion is not part of our todays story, maybe if he improved his attitude he would be...">
    great ideas for lines would love to see this implemented

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    I would also like to hear some impatient whining from the shopkeeper if you go overtime picking a hero. Something like "come on come on! I need to sell this stuff quick!"

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    There's nothing you can't do like a boss, so guess how do I bump this thread.

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    And this is what I do yet again, to proudly report that the bug has been fixed. Huzzah!
    Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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    They should also implement the "No!" lines for heroes as they are banned from play.

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