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Thread: Item Feedback

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    I didn't like the HUD in 4:3 aspect, but in 16:9 it looks great. Show what the couier is doing is amazing.

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    The majority of the new icons looks great when looking at the screenshots, but I don't know if my opinion will change after I play a couple of games with them. I made a small list of the new icons I dislike. Here it goes:

    -Mithrill hammer (doesn't even look like a hammer, feels dull)
    -Sobi mask (i like the new design but I prefer the purple color, probably because ring of basillus is purple too)
    -Dagon (it's too dark, don't know if it will feel this way when ingame)
    -Scythe of Vise (those claws on the scythe look pretty harmless)
    -Armlet (it doesn't even look like an arm, I had to match both items location to identify it)
    -Divine Rapier (I think the old sword feels much more epic then the new sword)
    -Mjollnir (the hammer it's too weird, I think the light that it emanates is too bright)
    -Satanic (this icon I dislike the most, I don't even know what I'm looking at when I see this icon, it looked like fur in the first glance)

    I also feel like all the items need some background and not just a black screen, like Mjollnir, Bottle and Courier upgrade.

    Thanks for accepting our feedback and sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    Edit: Reaver looks really dark too, I prefer the old one
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    Quote Originally Posted by _lost View Post
    I didn't like the HUD in 4:3 aspect, but in 16:9 it looks great. Show what the couier is doing is amazing.
    This thread is about giving item feedback to Valve, not HUD feedback.

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    Hey, this is great guys, I started a long topic on the item icons and Im glad something is being done about it. I will post my feedback after they patch the real version.

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    There are some I agree with that needed to be updated like heart and bloodstone and yasha/sange, but some things like a mek or the boots are really ugly looking, change the lvl 1 boots back and the phase boots make them brighter blue, you can make the items look evil and badass without making it look like HON, also you can make the colors PRESENT like how mask of madness USED to be, without making it look overdone like LoL, honestly there are a few that are really really ugly (new ones) but overall they are a pretty decent neccecary change. Also next to the hero portrait theres a sword with armor values and the int and str and agi, that all takes up way too much space... those stats are less important and arent checked as regularly as gold or cs

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    "Drum of endurance" - looks more like a staff because of it's length,
    "Urn of shadows" - isn't much distinctive, looks more like a bush,
    "Necronomicon 1-3" - Edges cannot be seen clearly,
    "Veil of discord" - shouldn't be portrayed on a human (at least for me it seems like a human is wearing it ),
    " Aghanim scepter " - i have no idea what it is,
    "Armlet " - shouldn't look like a human fist since it gives un-human strength,
    "Shadow blade" - needs to have the holding part looking similar to the blade,
    "Soul booster" - looks like a plastic ball
    "Manta style" - wood holding the blade looks cheap and simple made for that powerful weapon,
    "Mask of madness" - looks more like a clown mask,
    "Mjolnir" - unfinished ?,
    "Satanic" - what the hell is that ?,
    "ALL boosters" - seem like bubble gums,

    The rest are perfect, great job by Valve for making so much changes and making a connection with community like this. I give you people a thumbs up

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    In general, the new icons are a bit too dark, but a lot of them look really nice. Any of the ones that are like the old icons but edited with highlights and dark accents look really bad. (Tango, salve, flask, Hood, vangaurd, abyssal blade, shiva's, demon edge, boots in general, etc) The entirety of the secret shop items look really bad, just without purpose or definition. (Except eaglesong, which looks amazing, and orb of venom, which is fine, and hyperstone and Ring of Health, which are basically same as before )

    Some of the problems seem to be because of TOO much detail being compressed down when they are used as actual item icons.

    Problems with specific new ones:
    Magic Wand - Looks like a Whisk dropped into a swamp. I really liked the original crooked wand design.
    Vladmir's Offering - Looks too much like a person, not enough like an item.
    Maelstrom - Edges look a bit too soft.
    Mjollnir - The handle is a bit too short, but I like the color scheme and style.
    Gem of True Sight - Looks too unwieldy. I actually really liked the way the original was
    Scythe of Vyse - Looks almost too.. un-magicky?
    Aghanim's Scepter - I liked the geometric style of the old one, really dislike the stone on top.
    Desolator - Blade looks like cotton, the frame looks like car parts.
    Daedelus - Looks non functioning, dislike the idea of a metal bow.
    Rod of Atos - I don't like the little gem in the side, but otherwise its fine.
    Heart - For some reason on its side it looks like its in a race trying to go somewhere.
    Radiance - Too much bloom and gradient.
    Satanic - Its weird. Not sure if I like it or not.
    Dagon - Take that stone that I disliked on Aghs and put it in the claw of the dagon.
    Butterfly - Proportions seem wierd.
    Sange/Yasha - Too generic looking, handles not quite distinguished from blades.
    Skadi - Looks good, but a bit too 2-dimentional.

    On the other hand, the following items are examples of GREAT changes and should be thought about when trying to decide what makes these icons good in general:
    Mekansm - Really crisp and clear, but also nice in detail, and really good looking design.
    Armlet - Again, crisp design, but as the armlet suggests, looks really powerful.
    Eul's Scepter - Looks very magical, perfect for its effects.
    Force Staff - Same as Eul's, except looks a bit more, well, forceful.
    Heaven's Halberd - Looks very "heavenly" and powerful, and makes sense as a weapon.
    Helm of the Dominator
    Tranquil boots
    Divine Rapier
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    I usually could not care less about aesthetic choices but it is such a drastic change. Before it looked polished and simplistic now the hud looks shabby and the hud icons look plasticky and low quality giving the game more of cheap feel. The item icons look great except when the item looks like it is made of plastic (quelling, power treads). I am no artistic designer but some of the icons now look like a indiscernible blob of colors when before they easy to distinguish from the background.

    However I get the feeling the hud is slightly smaller now so props on that.

    I hope this is the kind of feedback you are looking for.
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    Armlet looks like a sex toy... mainly because of the color, change it to crimson or black and i will work better for such an item.

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    I'm undecided about the interface, the simplicity is nice but it needs to refined! It is nowhere near as sleek as the rest of the UI. Also, being able to see my move speed is very useful . New item icons are pretty awesome, nothing much to complain about there. One thing I really want is an avatar icon in the top left (or anywhere) like in Dota 1, and a way to remove those hideous green outlines on mouse-over, they definitely need to be more subtle!

    I don't like that the portrait area is now smaller (and not square!), especially considering there is a lot of empty space between it and the map. I find that very annoying. Love the rocky design you've got going on though, maybe a little too much but it still looks good, and the subtle lighting below/around the inventory is absolutely great.

    p.s. The courier doesn't auto-burst if it's flying.

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