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Thread: Item Feedback

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    +: good
    -: bad
    ?: suggestion

    (+) I really like that you finally changed the boots of elvenskin. Boots should all be items that change movement speed. I always thought boots made of elvenskin were really creepy.
    (-) The Blade of Alacricity looks too much like a knife.
    (?) The Healing Salve looks somewhat weird. The knop on top is so dark and it makes the perspective go weird. Lightning issue I believe.
    (-) Mithril Hammer, Maelstrom, Mjollnir all look too clumsy. Skull Basher (i liked cranium better ) looks like a real hammer, made for hitting. It needs to look hard and edged.
    (?) Sages Mask is too dark. I liked the purple one better.
    (?) Headdress: Looks cool, but it doesn't look like something you put on your head, at least it's not as recognizable as the old version.
    (+) Medallion of Courage looks soooo cute. Love!
    (?) The Drums have a lot of action going on in their icon. I think it's fine if they are just standing in the middle, maybe pulsating a bit.
    (+) Meka looks amazing. So good! Does it have a channeling time now, for winding the crank? ;D
    (?) Force Staff looks really good, but I don't see how it's a force staff. There seems to be some identity missing.
    (-) Dagon is still way to bland for an icon with such an impact. This needs to look like something that kills people! Level 4 looks fine, but Level 1 looks too weak. I like the blooming effect tho.
    (?) The Armlet is a bit tiny and needs more action going on in the activated form.
    (+) Radi is so shiny.
    (-) Daedalus looks bland. It's such a cheesy strong item, it needs to look cheesy strong. Or something. Hm.
    (-) Rapier needs a bigger blade.
    (-) The boosters look like candy. Glassier, glowing, need features. Looked better before.
    (?) Manta appears like it's swinging, make it tilting into the "camera", flanked by another two.
    (?) Desolater is all red. Looks weird in my opinion.
    (?) Wouldn't it be amazing if Heavens Halbert had a halo around the blade? Heroes that are debuffed could have the halo around their weapon/hand/etc.
    (?) Eye of Skaadi needs ice features. It looks great, make it shimmering light bluish, with frost hanging everywhere and it will look amazing.

    All other icons are between just fine and amazingly perfect. They should stay that way. Except they appear to be very dark. Brighten up devs! We criticize a lot, but we still love you! ;D
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    I'm not an artist. All my education is in the realm of psychology and my post will come from that perspective. I'm sure that there are art terms that would convey my exact point, but unfortunately I'm ignorant to them. This could just be a knee-jerk reaction to icons I'm not used to. I'm sure I'll grow to like the finalized ones, but currently I vastly preferred the old art style.

    I think my biggest problem with the updated item icons is a lack of direction. The previous icons were clean without too much background noise. When there is background noise, it's usually simple. The current icons are all over the place. Some items are completely dull while others tend to pop out. This meant cleaner item recognition with less stress on the eyes.

    My suggestions would be to make all High Impact items to pop out more so than less impactful ones. Psychologically this will benefit when quickly examining enemy heroes as the most eye catching items would be the ones you want to watch out for. There are a lot of ways that items pop out. Vibrant colors, more complex silhouttes, contrast with the background, etc. Currently there is a semblance of color scheme already in the game. STR items tend to be more red and agility ones tend to be more green. I think this incredibly good and should definitely be utilized more. I believe you can make some implicit associations that would greatly help new users understand items at a glance just by their design.

    Clarity - Fits the new art style and works. It's an active item and it pops. I like the overall design and I think it reads well, even at a glance.
    Tango - I like the design overall. The green orbs in the middle stand out too much from the leaves.
    Smoke of Deceit - The bottom right of the icon has a weird schism. Distracting from the main item focus.
    Teleport Scroll - Looks a little dull.
    Dust of Appearance - I don't like how the brightest part is the purple dust in the top right of the icon. This puts the focus off the dust and leads the eye elsewhere. I'd also prefer if all true sight items were of a similar color scheme.
    Iron Branch - Incredibly dull. Perfect!
    Gaunlets of Strength - Dull as well, I would prefer a more red appearance to really hammer in that it's a STR item.
    Circlet - Good. I like the neutral colors that don't imply much.
    Belt of Strength - While I like that it's still a dull item; I do not like that the fur draws more attention than the red belt buckle.
    Boots of Elvenskin - I love that they're no longer boots. A rename would be great. Boots should just be movement enhancing items. It would help reduce potential confusion.
    Robe of the Magi - Looks good overall, I'd slightly move the robe to the right a few pixels.
    Ogre Club - I don't like the name and it still appearing exactly like an axe. A rename would be nice. I like that it's red and that the red is near the center of the icon.
    Blades of Alacrity - I don't like that the green is in the top right. The blade is important, but could benefit from having more green near the center of the screen.
    Staff of Wizardry - Pops too much. Tone down the blue's brightness. I know it's a legacy design, but it's a little too complicated in comparison to the other equivalent items.
    Ultimate Orb - Pops too much.
    Quelling Blade - Design is a little too complicated near the blade. Keep it simple for a simple item.
    Stout Shield - The lighting on the shield draws the eye to the top left of the icon. I feel that the item design is good overall, but maybe less focus on the top left.
    Mythril Hammer - Hammer head stands out too much. Hammer head just kinda seems to be floating on the wood.
    Sage's Mask - I like the item overall. I would like if the mana regen items had a color scheme that was unified.
    Gem of True Sight - Yet again, I'd prefer if all the true sight items had a similar color scheme. The current design seems awkward. The gem inside the stone looks too much like the background. Also, when dropped still appears like the old gem.
    Morbid Mask - Good! I love that all the lifesteal items are red now. That works so well!
    Null Talisman - Too much pop.
    Magic Wand - Too small of a profile. Item needs to definitely be bigger. Bound key and charge indicator totally eat the item's icon too, meaning the design is even more constrained.
    Power Treads - Blue is a little too neon. The rest are great.
    Oblivion Staff - I would greatly like a color scheme being worked in.
    Headdress - Complicated design for an uncomplicated item. Looks really cool, but should probably be more simplistic.
    Ring of Aquila - I would personally rather it be purple and green. Color scheme and what not.
    Mekansm - I like that the color of the item matches up with the in-game effect.
    Force Staff - I like that the background implies movement. I like that it pops. I like that the staff itself is a more complicated design.
    Necronomicon - I don't like that the item is so muted. I know the dark red is a more muted color, but it really is too subtle of a design. This is a big deal item, it should draw more attention to itself.
    Eul's Sceptre of Divinity - I like that it's blue. I like that it pops. Not the direction I would have gone with it, but I think it's valid.
    Dagon - Definitely too mute. That sucker needs to pop. Move the item further to the bottom right, make the gemstone glow. This of all items could use a little more complexity. It needs to readable quickly and efficiently.
    Aghanim's Sceptre - This item looks really awkward.
    Orchid - I just don't like the design.
    Scythe of Vyse - I really hate this design. The old design was so amazing in that it conveyed so much so simplistically. It's too scythe-y. The ram horns need to be more prominent.
    Daedalus - Too muted. The crossbow is a little slim.
    Hood of Defiance - Too much pop.
    Vanguard - The effect in the top right of the icon really seems to throw the balance of the image off.
    Black King Bar - Love it.
    Manta Style - Too blue, too purple. I would prefer a different color scheme.
    Blood stone - I have a hard time making out what is supposed to be in the image. I could learn to recognize that as blood stone, but it having no seemingly distinct shape seems to weaken it's overall design.
    Linken's Sphere - Should pop a little more.
    Eye of Skadi - Should give off a cold aura or something in the icon. Could use some polish.

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    One Thing, Could there be an option for those that don't like the change to be able to switch back to the old HUD and item skins, just saying this flexibility would be cool, personlay i like the change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexif View Post
    "Satanic" - what the hell is that ?,
    That was my reaction too!

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    It seems Valve forgot the main goal they were chasing in this game - to keep things simple and easy to read, although somehow stylized. When I click on an enemy hero I want to read his items very fast, before he hides in FoW. The new items' design is a mess, especially mjollnir, armlet, satanic, sange, yasha, dagon, manta, necronomicon, desolator, daedalus, magic stick, dominator, MoM... these are just bad, compared to the clean and sharp look of the previous version.

    also this
    Items look good when you hover over them but not when they are reduced in size. For instance, when you buy an item and it's in your inventory it looks much better than it does in the shop.
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    HUD is ok, but I miss somehow now some natural space for camera and banners for streamers
    items: most are improved well, but some are changed 100% - I dont like new Vladimir, MoM, HoD and armlets, also satanic looks like some hentai tentacle...
    Scythe of wise now looks weird, not magical anymore
    Mekansm looks great, but doesnt fit to the item imo
    magic wand is completely different now, think some kind of previous sense would be great
    mjollnir more improvement, its now just - and maelstrom now looks more powerful then mjollnir
    this suits to some items too - Eul looks more powerful then Aghanim or Scythe
    about improving items that look not well now - ultimate orb and mithril hammer, need more work, look like cheap RPG ikons

    about HUD
    idk why movement speed is shown as dmg is, based + raw bonus, for movement speed was final number great
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    Overall I feel that it was a good change as it really fleshed out how the items are meant to look like. Of course there are some which were overdone and some which are underdone but I'm liking most of the new icons. To be more specific:

    Liked the most - Heaven's Halberd, SnY (separated and combined), Ethereal Blade, Radience and MKB all look great. Also liking the subtle changes in visuals for Dagon and Necro Book upgrades. Pipe and Mek are great!

    Disliked the most -

    Satanic, have no idea what it is!
    Mjollnir, for looking less awesome than Maelstrom.
    Divine Rapier, too complicated and gimmicky for an item with such a simple purpose.
    Manta Style, it has too much parts and I feel that it should be more 'streamlined' (for lack of a better word)
    Daedalus, looks like a toy instead of an item that lets you crit for 1000 damage.
    Armlet, general idea just doesn't work.

    Not as bad but still needs work -

    HotD, MoM and Reaver icons are too dark. Same goes for a lot of the basic items.
    Possibly remove that orb of green from Mystic Staff? Preferred it when it was all blue.
    Change perspective of Void Stone.
    Skadi should look more 'cold', as others have mentioned.
    The background of Blink Dagger looked better with the wind swirls around it in my opinion.
    Upgraded Diffusal should have a slight change in icon too!

    That's all for now I guess, but thanks so much for the new patch! Really appreciate it

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    Dont like new icons, overcomplicated, cant even say what item it is by the look of it. And why ethereal blade and butterfly looks alike?

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    In general, I think the icons need less shadowing/more contrast with the background. Now for some specific feedback:

    Icons I really like:

    Urn - Boy oh boy did I not like the old urn. It was some serious stand-in art if ever I saw any. The new urn is SEXY and it absolutely rocks. It's also one of the few items that I think the dark color scheme/low contrast actually works for. Give yourself a pat on the back.

    Force staff - Old force staff art was my second least favorite item art (after urn). It didn't look quite cylindrical, and it was just bland looking and without any character. New force staff art looks like it functions--to force sh*t out of the way, like a boss. Awesome detailing and love the sense of movement that the picture conveys. Great job.

    Boosters (Vit, Mana, Point) - The old art for these lacked oomph and sense of spherical volume. The new art looks adds some much needed vibrancy and they all look more spherical now. Good job.

    Icons I would change:

    Basic consumables (tango, salve, clarity) - These need to look plainer imo!!! You guys made them so gosh darn shiny and attractive-looking, they now seriously belie their value.

    Sage mask: I really liked the pink/porcelain look of the old sage mask. It was distinctive and eye-catching, whereas the new one is dull.

    Elven slippers: They don't look like boots/slippers anymore, which I actually think is a good thing (since they don't give movespeed). They just need a namechange imo.

    Armlet: really don't think the new look fits this item at all. Way too bright and pinkish. I think old armlet looked much better and more representative of a demonic-themed item.

    Satanic: I echo what everyone else says--hard to discern what the item actually is now as the look of it is strange/odd/confusing. I think a horn/mask theme would suit it better.

    Mithril hammer: Looks too shiny! It now looks like an upgraded item, whereas old item art had the right just-an-ordinary-yet-big-hammer idea!

    midas: I wasn't a fan of the old art and the new art doesn't stray too far in design. I just feel it could be cleaner and should have maximum contrast with the background (it being a gold item and all). Something like dota 1 art would be preferable (with the simple straight-on perspective and color scheme).

    Manta style: I feel like it doesn't convey the image-generating property as well as the old art. I also would prefer it to have more blue color to it.

    Scythe of vyse: The old art was just plain weird with the floating goat skull thingy. So I like that it got more conventional/staff-like in the new art, but it still is missing some vibrancy for being such a powerful magical item.
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    The new HUD is SHIT, though some items look cool.

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